Shnoozles are silly creatures. My daughter loves how her plush toy has eyelids that sleep during nighttime and wake up to enjoy the day. Shnoozles come in a brown style called the Shu-Shu and a pink style called the Shah-Shah. Numerous celebrities, including actress Chloe Noelle, actress Addison Riecke, and actor Luke Benward, have been photographed with the plush toy.  I love how the toy comes with a rhyme book A Shleepy-Time Rhyme to help parents with the nighttime routine.

Sleepy Time Toy

The sleepy time toy helped Samantha get to sleep.

Sleepy Time Toy Review

My daughter was psyched to receive the Shnoozle stuffed toy. Immediately after receiving the package in the mail my daughter asked to spend 10 minutes before dinner alone. My daughter wanted to get to know the new stuffed toy without distractions. Seeing whether my daughter was interested in her new toy was the ultimate test.

Any toy that can help engage my daughter during nap time is highly recommended by me. I was really excited that my daughter felt a connection with her new plush toy as shown by her smiles and hugs. Last week when I ordered the Shnoozle online I wondered what would make the plush toy special. Lots of sleepy-time toys are on the market that make noise and light up. This week when I received the toy I realized that the toy had no annoying batteries to create a distraction late at night. Now I can finally sleep better at night. Having the silent plush toy in my daughter’s princess bed helps the entire family sleep.

I chose the pink style, which is named Shah-Shah. Personally, I love the toy’s softness. My daughter Sammy could barely keep her hands off her new plush toy. I really like how the toy came wearing soft pajamas. Honestly, I wanted to hug the toy too! Playing with the toy was even fun for me as an adult.

I think its creators really came up with a very original idea. As the toy goes to sleep for bedtime, it has a unique way of joining in with your child for bedtime. Shnoozles have eye pockets where the eyelids can tuck into during the daytime. I enjoyed making the eyes go to sleep and wake up as well as making the mouth open and close. My daughter said the eyes were her favorite part. I am excited to add this toy to my daughter’s nighttime routine. I wholeheartedly recommend the toy.

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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