Shopping for cute, comfortable clothes that your kids will like can be tough! Instead of spending an afternoon at the store, I decided to try out a service called the Kid Box, which selects clothes for your child and sends them directly to your house. I had never tried out a service like this before now. You can decide whether you’re keeping the clothes after you get the box and send back what you don’t like. To help you better understand how the Kid Box works, I did two unboxing videos and I took photos of all the outfits.

Unboxing the Kid Box

Exploring the Kid Box website to order Samantha some clothes was simple. I entered some basic information about my child, like her name, size, and style. In part one of my Unboxing the Kid Box video series, I explain how the process worked. I recorded this video when Samantha wasn’t home, and this is the first time I’m seeing everything inside the box. I loved every outfit I saw! The designer names stuck out to me right away, and I could tell the clothes were from stores I would usually visit to shop for Samantha.

When Samantha got home from camp, I had everything wrapped and put back in its original place. Samantha loved having this special box come in the mail for her. This experience was like getting a present. Since the clothes were so nice and she liked them so much, I would definitely consider ordering a second box. This process was so much simpler than visiting a store, and the price was reasonable. Check out part two of my Unboxing the Kid Box video series to see Samantha’s reaction.

Everything in the box came nicely arranged. I loved the presentation! This was what made the box feel like getting a present. The clothes were wrapped in nice tissue paper and folded to look like gifts. The extra small items on top were nice extra surprises.

Unboxing the Kid Box - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

Samantha did a fashion show for me with all of the outfits. The first outfit was what she wore to camp. I liked that the style was comfortable and casual. Even though she was wearing a pair of jeans, there was a lot of stretch in the material. The top was a 7 for All Mankind girls’ v-neck stripe boxy top. She also wore 7 for All Mankind girls’ mid-roll denim shorts. Unboxing the Kid Box - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

Samantha loved this style! The coloring of the shirt was a simple, neutral blue that would go with any of her solid colored pants. I liked how soft and comfortable the fabric was. If you watched my video reviews, you saw that at first, Samantha wasn’t sure what this item of clothing was. It has a boxy shape, so she might have thought it was a skirt. When she figured out that it was a shirt and tried it on, she really liked it.Unboxing the Kid Box - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

Another outfit selection included the 7 for All Mankind girls’ raglan top. This top was incredibly soft, and the fit was perfect! I loved that the scoop neck easily fit over Samantha’s head. Even though the fabric was a little thicker than the other shirt, the top was lightweight enough to wear during the summer. Samantha loved the soft pink color, which Kid Box picked out for her, because I had informed the company that her favorite color was pink.

Samantha paired the pink top with the 7 for All Mankind girls’ athletic pull on shorts. These shorts were a lot roomier than the other pair of jean shorts. I liked the drawstring. Since the shorts aren’t very form-fitting, they are perfect for active kids. The combination of the light pink shirt and the medium colored jeans looked really nice together.

Unboxing the Kid Box - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

While the shorts and shirt combos were cute, Samantha loves wearing dresses. I loved that the company took that into consideration. Kid Box sent a 7 for All Mankind girls’ henley tank dress. The top part of the dress was a soft tee-shirt material. I thought the coolest part of this dress was the bottom, which was made of a thicker material, and had pockets.

Unboxing the Kid Box - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

When Samantha did her video review, she said this white outfit was her favorite. She thought this was a dress at first. After she discovered that the outfit was a romper, she still loved it because the fit and style was perfect for her. I loved that the romper was the perfect length for her. She really wanted to wear this outfit to camp, but I convinced her to save it for a nice occasion.Unboxing the Kid Box - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

The details were so delicate and feminine! This outfit has the perfect look for Samantha. She loved wearing the romper, and she can’t wait to wear it out of the house. I thought the look was very summery and beautiful. I think it would look nice for a special mom and daughter outing soon.

Unboxing the Kid Box - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

All six items of clothing were awesome picks! The store offers you the ability to return or exchange items for a different size. I decided to keep everything. The fit and style was exactly what Samantha loves. She is incredibly honest about her opinions. As you could see in her video review, she loved everything! The coloring box was an additional nice touch. She loved getting to design the box with the crayons that were inside it.

Unboxing the Kid Box - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

We had an awesome time trying the Kid Box out and seeing how it worked! Another cool thing about the company is that they offer charitable donations. If you keep your box, you can revisit the Kid Box website to select where the donation should go. It’s cool to be able to give back to those in need, even while choosing nice designer clothes for your kids.

Unboxing the Kid Box! - Featuring @kidbox - Found on

When you shop for your kids’ clothes, what does the shopping process look like? Do you rush through a retail store and do returns later? Do you ask your kid to try everything on in the store, or do you prefer to shop online? Share in the comments!

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I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Emily

    We live overseas, so it’s hard to get good quality clothing. I might have to try the Kids Box for my daughter. Also, the clothes are super cute. I wish they had an “adult box.” 🙂

  2. CourtneyLynne

    Omg loving the box!!!!! It would be perfect for my daughter!!!

  3. Elena

    Great post, awesome outfits and videos! Both your kids are so cute but Samantha looks most like you; she is like a mini Theresa 😉 <3

  4. Rachel G

    This is really cool! The clothes that they sent were definitely a cut above the average clothes I see for kids in stores–she is one stylish little lady!

  5. Rebecca

    Super cute! And your daughter’s adorable. I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘kid boxes’. We subscribe to a snack box, and I have my eye on a monthly craft box. This one looks pretty great too. I’ve got 2 3 year old boys. I wonder if they have a dump truck edition…. 😉

  6. Shann

    First, your daughter is gorgeous, and I just love her reactions. Second, those clothes are awesome! My favorites are the dress and romper. Such great brands and looks like great quality. This would be so much fun for my boys.

  7. Ashley

    Oh my gracious! I have to try this! My could a would absolutely love!!!

  8. Debbie

    I love subscription boxes and this one is a really cool concept. I’m not sure that my boy would be that excited about it, though! lol He’d probably appreciate the coloring box most of all. Your daughter looked so cute in all of the fashions!

  9. Yvonne

    What a gorgeous little girl! I might actually want to try this for my son! I do get frustrated when I want to shop for him but they don’t have his size. Would make things a lot easier with a subscription box!

    | |

  10. Katheryn

    Hey this is brilliant! I know a bunch of mompreneurs so I’ll let them know about this awesome idea. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Justina

    This box seems great. The outfits look so cute on your daughter. I usually do a combination of shopping in store and online depending on how lazy I feel lol. I will check this out.

  12. Maggie

    This is such a good idea! We don’t always do so great shopping! Thanks for sharing, will definitely have to try!

  13. Ella Ivoire

    Sounds super fun for kids! And your pictures are really pretty as well! X


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