Topo Athletic is a footwear company that has evolved from selling minimalist, split toe running shoes to producing ergonomic shoes for running, hiking, and training. The newer styles of shoes appeal to your feet, and stylistically, they go with your athletic clothes. Previously, I’ve tried out several styles of the company’s shoes, and I’ve had my husband try out the shoes too. Some of the neat features would be that some styles don’t require laces and that the coloring is appealing. To become more familiar with the company’s items, I tried out the women’s Runventure shoes and the men’s Runventure shoes from Topo Athletic in new colors that have yet to be released.

Topo Athletic Runventure Shoe Review

As trail shoes, the Runventure shoes are ideal for hiking. With the end of summer coming up soon, we took the shoes out on a hike at a nearby nature park. The experience helped me learn more about the fit of the shoes. One feature that does influence the size of the shoes is that the tip of the shoes is rounded instead of pointed. There isn’t room for your big toe to stick out much further than the other toes. To get the ideal fit, choose half a size up than you usually would. While hiking, I found that the shoes offered good support in my ankles, which helped me be more athletic during our adventure.

Topo Athletic Runventure Shoe Review - Theresa's Reviews - www.theresasreviews.comIn the past, the company has offered the Runventure shoes in limited color selections. For the women’s shoes, you could only choose black with bright blue accents. For men, you could pick bright red with black accents. The new color choice was appealing. I liked that the vibrant pink shoes had calm, gray laces. On the men’s shoes, the gray as a main color was an advantage. Gray can go with almost any workout clothes, as can the calm green that accented the gray.

While comparing the shoes to the other shoes I’ve tried, I would say that the style and fit is comparable. Some of the shoes I’ve tried in the past are the RT running shoes, which were the split toe style, the MT trail running shoes, the Oterro outdoor shoes, the Runduro, and the men’s MT outdoor shoes. Out of all six styles, it’s hard to pick a favorite. Each style has its own advantages. The Oterro and Runduro are very convenient since they don’t have laces. I also really liked the muted colors of the Oterro, but the bright pink is going to come in handy when I need to get energized for a long hike. I’ve worn Topo Athletic shoes since December of 2013, and I’m looking forward to wearing my new pair on many more adventures.


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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