Snow finally came after a long winter of waiting. Christmas gave us sunny weather. Only a couple weeks ago, we went biking outside in the warm weather. Now, the weather has made it clear that we’re in the heart of winter. Yesterday, we woke up to see that snow had covered much of our windows and doors. It snowed all day Saturday, making it clear that winter storm Jonas had swept through our town.

Winter Storm Jonas Covers the Northeast

Saturday afternoon, when I heard flocks of geese flying away, honking with an alarmed frenzy, it was evident that the stow storm was coming rapidly. This morning, heading out the front door sounded simple, until I tried it. I was up to my waist in snow. Mother nature had piled a blanket of snow on top of every surface. The shrubs in our front yard were no longer visible. I scouted out the yard before sending my kids into the snow to play. Walking to the back yard was difficult. In some spots, the snow was up to my hips. Kids never seem to mind the difficult aspects of the snow. Samantha and Georgiana have had quite the morning playing with more snow than they have ever seen.

Winter Storm Jonas Covers the Northeast - Theresa's Reviews - When the kids were playing, the snow boosted them so high up that they were as tall as the cars in the driveway next to us. These girls are fearless. They were infused with joy and ready to play. As a mom, I had the normal fears that my kids might disappear in the snow, get stuck, or get lost, but they didn’t mind one bit. Luckily, the girls are light enough that they didn’t seem to sink to the ground when they stepped on the snow. (2)

Clearing the driveway is quite the feat. The snow plows haven’t come to our street yet, but they have visited  the major streets. We’ve been quite lucky. We have electricity, running water, and wifi. The storm had minimal consequences in our area, other than the huge amount of snow to shovel.

Winter Storm Jonas Covers the Northeast - Theresa's Reviews -

Now, it’s time to bundle up, drink hot cocoa, and watch Frozen. We can better picture what it’s like in Arrendelle after facing the snow outside today! The worst area to shovel is yet to come. Our porch caught all the snow that blew around in the wind yesterday. The pile of snow by the door on our is almost as tall as I am. Snow covers the staircase to get to the porch. I’ve never seen this much snow before in my life.

Winter Storm Jonas Covers the Northeast - Theresa's Reviews -

The snow is quite magical and enchanting. Before the snow storm began, my kids were frighted to be in their first blizzard. I’m grateful that I could show them that a blizzard is not always as bad as it sounds. In the future, I’m looking forward to what spring will bring!

Did you see the blizzard this weekend? Share what it was like in the comments section below.

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10 Responses

  1. Melanie

    I have always lived in the southwest – LA, Vegas, and Phoenix so I have never experienced snow before. I’m sure it totally sucks to deal with, but it also looks like so much fun. I would love to experience snow like that just once in my life.

  2. Sophie Blakemore

    I loved this. The pictures took me all the way back to my childhood.

  3. Missy - Getting Fit to Find Myself

    Winter snow storms are all what you make of them! I love that your girls loved playing in the snow! They look like they were really enjoying the snow. I live in Minnesota so I know what a good winter snow storm can bring, it not all bad there can be some fun in it too!

  4. Bev

    It looks like you and your family had a fun time with the snow! I’m in the Boston area, where we only had a few inches. I’m hoping Mother Nature is taking it easy on us this year after the series of blizzards we had last year!

  5. Deanna

    Wow, you guys got a lot. We haven’t had anything like that this year. It has been very cold but not a ton of snow. Happy to hear you are safe and warm.

  6. CourtneyLynne

    Ughhh… As much as I hate snow… Like really REALLY hate it… If it’s going to I want a full on blizzard. Here in WNY we hardly got anything -_- they canceled schools etc thinking we were going to get hit and then it was just a normal
    Winter day…. So bummed lol

    • theresa

      Probably a good thing you barely got hit! The streets are clear enough to drive but I’m no expert in driving in slush, so we’re just going without a few key items from the store right now…


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