Gift Guides FAQ

Enjoying Family Life Gift Guides

Enjoying Family Life has covered annual gift guides for the past seven years. Topics include Christmas gift guides, Easter gift guides, gift guides for different ages, and gift guides for different interests. General shopping guides are also covered for different occasions when gifts are not customarily given.

The goal with the gift guides is to share genuine moments that the article writer can connect with and photograph in an authentic setting. There are situations when more than one sample may be requested, such as giving one to a writer to try out and one to a photographer to capture.

If an occasion arrises when a photo provided by the company would be better than our own, that will be discussed on an individual basis.

To inspire the people working on the gift guides, items must meet a minimum product value or be sponsored. Compensation guarantees that we can continue providing companies like yours with the opportunities to reach more readers.

Different packages beyond basic inclusion in the gift guide can include:

  • Video production
  • Purchasing the ability to include photos or videos on your website or social media
  • Exclusivity, or not working with other similar brands within a certain period of time

Items are non-returnable. Items that have not been requested will not be included, and they must arrive in the condition promised. If an item arrives past the deadline, it may not be included.

Email for more information and guidelines.


1.) Do you share gift guides to social media?

A: Enjoying Family Life shares gift guides to social media with tags for the included companies.

2.) Do you guarantee you will include my product?

A: No, that would not be very genuine. Our readers trust and rely on us to provide honest descriptions. If an item does not function, fit, or appeal to our writers, it will not be included. This benefits your company since we aim not to include negative reviews of products we receive.

3.) Will being a part of your gift guide increase my sales?

A: Enjoying Family Life’s annual Gift Guides improve brand awareness through our ever-growing readership as well as through social media shares. This may or may not increase sales, but more people will know about your product.

4.) Can I send products in exchange for links?

A: No, if you are sending a product or compensation with an agreement of coverage, Enjoying Family Life cannot guarantee links to your website. Links will be included if they help our readers learn more about your product, but the link will be nofollow.

5.) Can I share the link to the gift guide?

A: Enjoying Family Life appreciates our link being shared to your website. Please make sure that our website is included on any page when you do share.