Gift Guides FAQ

Theresa’s Reviews Gift Guides!

For an item to be included in a gift guide or in a sponsored article, it must meet the minimum product value, be a non-returnable sample, and arrive in the condition promised. Items that arrive late may not be included.

Email for more information and guidelines.


1.) Do you share gift guides to social media?

A: Yes, I do share the article across all social media platforms.

2.) Do you guarantee you will include my product?

A: No, that’s not possible. There has only been one time this year that I didn’t include an item, though. It wouldn’t function as promised, and that wouldn’t be fair to recommend to my readers.

3.) Will being a part of your gift guide increase my sales?

A: The purpose of PR is not to increase sales, but to increase brand awareness. I will get more people to know about your company, which may lead to more interest in your product. I do not claim to make sales directly from my articles, and I can’t guarantee more web traffic after an article is live. My articles are not promotional ads; they are thoughtful descriptions and reviews.

4.) Can I send products in exchange for links?

A: No, if you are sending a product – or compensation – with an agreement of coverage – I cannot guarantee links to your website. I can include a link if it helps my readers learn about your product, but the link will be nofollow.


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