Getting outside is a priority that many parents have for their kids in the summer. Cutting back on screen time and enjoying outdoor activities is a smart choice. Being outside can lead to increased fitness and creativity, but sun protection is important to remember for kids. I tried out several summer sun protection products geared towards kids to see how they well they worked for my daughters. This summer, whether you are jet-setting around the world with kids in tow or simply exploring your own backyard, check out these products that will help minimize sun damage.

Summer Sun Protection Guide for Kids

In my first day of trying out the products I received, I visited the neighborhood pool on the opening weekend on Memorial Day. With the sun out, it was a beautiful day. Visiting the pool with two kids under age seven was busier than I had anticipated, but I managed to get some sunscreen on both girls. I used the Mustela SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Mineral sunscreen lotion. This sunscreen was specially formulated to work on a baby’s sensitive skin, and it was perfect for Georgiana. She has skin that is very sensitive to fragrance, and she used this sunscreen without issues.

I liked that the sunscreen was not very greasy, which can bother kids. The sunscreen applied easily and rubbed in without a problem. Some other sunscreens we have tried left the skin feeling gooey or looking super white. When this sunscreen went on well, my kids were happy to use it.

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Another product we tried out from Mustela was the baby shampoo for Georgiana. This was perfect because I’ve been taking her on long runs in the neighborhood and letting her get dirty playing outside. The shampoo made her hair feel soft and clean, and it didn’t irritate her eyes. I like using shampoos formulated for babies even though Georgiana is three years old because some shampoos for older kids are not tear free. After using this shampoo, she smelled wonderful and was very happy.

Mustela has an awesome line of products we’ve been using since winter, including the 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash and the Gentle Soap with Cold Cream, which I featured in my Winter Skin Care Essentials article after Winter Storm Jonas hit our area. Although the weather is the opposite of how it was in February, these two items are perfect in any weather for kids who need a gentle cleansing product. Since Samantha is six years old, she doesn’t need as gentle of a cleansing product as Georgiana does, but she still uses these soaps from time to time. The products make skin soft, and they make hair look supple.

Kids Summer Sun Protection Guide - Featuring @mustelaUSA - Found on

The second set of products I tried out was from Fairy Tales, a hair care company that offers an awesome Sun & Swim line. I loved that the shampoo and conditioner had a smell that was clean and vibrant. Samantha loved the scent so much that she recently used quite a bit of it to clean the shower door, which made my heart drop, because I had looked forward to her using it all summer when she has swim practice! 

So I took a deep breath, read Don’t Cry Over Spilled Shampoo by Tracie Miles, and became more grateful for the past few weeks of using this incredible shampoo and conditioner. After long swims in the pool, both kids tried these products out in their hair. Their hair instantly felt smoother and not as brittle as it usually would after a swim in the pool. I could tell that the chlorine wasn’t leaving as much residue in their hair! 

Luckily, there was still plenty of the CoCo Cabana after-sun spray left for the kids to use all summer. This spray works great on sunny days because it keeps hair from getting dried out from the sun and chlorine. I loved that the spray offers protection before, after, or during a swim. I sprayed my kids’ hair anytime it was looking dry to keep it from getting damaged. The result was softer hair that I could actually brush after a long swim. I’ve tried out several leave in conditioners for kids, and this was my favorite!

Kids Summer Sun Protection Guide - Featuring @fairytaleshair - Found on New Sun and Swim Collection

My kids loved these summer sun protection products, which made me happy because I love keeping them safe in the sun! With a busy swim class schedule starting this next week, these products are just what we need. Do you have a favorite summer sun protection product that your kids enjoy using? Share in the comments, and I’ll check out your suggestions!


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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  1. Tiffany

    Ooh! I love the idea of a shampoo and conditioner for these product. I too love mineral sunscreens. I feel better putting them on my kids.

    • theresa

      Yes, the shampoo and conditioner work so well! I love using natural sunscreens too. Thanks for checking out these ideas!

  2. Susie

    I love this idea. I need to jump on the wagon. My kid needs sunscreens but I hate using processed and unnatural stuff, so thanks for sharing!

    • theresa

      I’m so glad you found some sunscreen that you might use! I had a great experience using the Mustela sunscreen, and I hope you do too!

  3. Rachel G

    I use mineral sunscreens for myself, too! Sun protection is so important, but I like the gentle ingredients. We live in the tropics, so it’s always hot and sunny, and there’s a pool in our apartment complex–we opt for long-sleeved swimsuits to help prevent overexposure, because those littles can burn so fast!

    • theresa

      Long-sleeve swimsuits is a great idea for kids! My kids use those sometimes too, and I love keeping their skin more protected that way!

  4. Melissa

    I have never heard of Fairy Tales before, and they seem great to keep your hair protected! As a native of Phoenix, I know a ton about sunscreen, but you’ve enlightened me more 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Shann

    Awesome reviews! I need new sunscreen because the kind we have is impossible to rub in. They just stay looking white. Definitely need some shampoo for after swim lessons too.

  6. Mindy@FarmFitLiving

    Great review of products! I’ve never heard of the brand before. Makes me want to try them all. We are outside a lot on the farm and I’m very partial to Herbalife Skin and Hair products. So, that’s what we use.

  7. Jen

    Love Mustella – I used to sell that when Bath & Body Works first opened their clinical skin care stores. It’s fantastic! Great list of options!


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