Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift can be hard, so plan a simple night you will both love. You can set up the ideal night without even leaving your home. To help organize the night, I wrote out a plan that anyone can follow. Create a dinner for two with the finest ingredients. Top the night off with a delicious, unexpected dessert. You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even remember you were stressing about picking out the right gift.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

A Homemade Dinner for Two

Even a modest home cook can pull off a delicious meal destined to impress. Cellini New York has a box set that comes with a couture red and black apron. The couture design looks very complimentary, which makes it ideal for layering over your nice Valentine’s Day outfit. With the apron, the box set comes with a cookbook written by chef Kristin Sollenne called Domestic Chic, to give you some inspiration for the dinner. Making a meal will take the pressure off your guy to figure out dinner plans, making him much happier.

Theresa's Reviews Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Cellini Couture Apron Line by Chef Kristin Sollenne

A Deluxe Menu He Can’t Resist

Now that you have your outfit planned, design an irresistible menu. Artisanal Foods is a Las Vegas-based fine foods company that sells the Piedmontese beef Tomahawk ribeye steak. This premium, lean beef is near USDA choice. Anyone who loves steak would recognize the difference in quality and appreciate the delicious cut of meat. I tried the ribeye out at home, and I was very happy with the result. The steak is huge, about 3.2 pounds, so it required a significant amount of cooking time. Since this is the type of beef a trained chef could use to make tartare or carpaccio, it’s okay to leave it with some red in the middle so you don’t overcook it.

Artisanal Foods sells many hard to find ingredients, including truffles, aged balsamic vinegar, and fine cheeses. The owner, Brett Ottolenghi, has been operating his own fine food business since he was 13 years old, and he extensively researches every item his company sells.

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For dessert, buy sweets a step above the traditional box of chocolates for this special occasion. You can revisit your childhood favorite with sweet cookie dough. Order from Cookie DO NYC to customize a batch of edible cookie dough. This would be an unexpected choice for dessert, and it would show your fun side. My favorite is the Valentine’s Day Cake Batter treat flavor. The seasonal sprinkles add a dash of festivity to help show your love on this holiday. My other favorites were the Signature Chocolate Chip, which is a traditional blend that tastes delicious, as well as the Salty & Sweet combo.

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With a few simple items, your night can be a well planned success! After dinner, stay in and throw in a movie. Planning the activity for the evening is a thoughtful gesture. Movie snacks are a good call. Buy the Full 7 pack from Lawless Jerky for high quality, grass fed beef. My husband loved getting to try all of the different flavors, and he liked the quality of the meat. I tried some, and I liked that it had just the right amount of crunchiness to the texture. Trying the different flavor varieties was a fun experience.

Theresa's Reviews Valentine's Day Gift Guide -

The Gift

Many men appreciate how much a card can say about a moment in life. Popwish has a beautiful pop-up card that is perfect for a special Valentine’s Day, the Couple card. Juxtaposed against the couple are some beautiful heart cutouts in a vibrant red. This was my favorite card from the company. The company also has the adorable Lovers in a Tree card that I also thought was beautiful. I’ve given cards from this company before, and I’ve always liked the designs and quality.

Theresa's Reviews Valentine's Day Gift Guide Featuring @popwish -

As a thoughtful gift, give a high quality men’s cologne. One of the best new fragrances is Dolce & Gabbana’s The One for Men Eau de Parfum, from the iconic The One collection. The smell is masculine and sophisticated, so you’ll love it as much as he will. I’m really picky about the types of scents on my guy, and this one is just right. It’s subtle, not overpowering at all, and with just the right aroma.

Theresa's Reviews Valentine's Day Gift Guide Featuring @dolcegabbana -

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? If you’re staying in, how will you spend the night?


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  1. Danielle Greco

    Great post. I agree haha men sure do loveee steak! My husband would be so happy! I need to figure out how to cook a yummy steak without a grill :/ .
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  2. Kiara Catanzaro

    Great gift ideas! I always love picking up a scent that my boyfriend will enjoy for “just because” gifts! We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but these ideas (cologne and homemade dinner) work for anytime of the year! Awesome post.


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