Have you been looking for a simple, eco-friendly way to pack your children’s lunch? With ReUsies reusable snack and sandwich bags, you don’t have to waste any plastic. For moms on the go, you can easily toss snacks in and have food packed in a jiffy. These bags make packing lunch quick and effortless. After all, who doesn’t need more time in the morning? 

Reusable Sandwich Bags Reusable Sandwich Bags

Pack An Eco-Friendly Lunch With Reusable Sandwich Bags

Because the bags come in different sizes, you can pack a variety of food. In the large bag, you can pack a full sandwich. With the small bag, it’s the perfect size for chips, crackers, or apple slices. You never have to worry about losing the other side of a plastic container, and the bags easily close with Velcro.

Do you find yourself stressing over packing the perfect lunch? These bags are easy to grab on the go because everyone needs a break from time to time! I loved these simple, hassle-free lunch containers. Plus, the bags are easy to clean. You can wash them with a sponge and soap. For a deeper clean, toss the bags in with the laundry or in dishwasher.

Using the reusable cloth bags is very eco-friendly. I love supporting companies that care about the environment. If you are health-conscious, note that the bags have no BPA and no phthalates. 

This is a great way to stop wasting plastic bags for my chips and turkey sandwiches. Not only does cutting back on plastic help the environment, but it also helps your budget!

As a smart shopper, I love when items that are affordable also look nice. With different available patterns, the bags have a variety of styles. For moms who appreciate a classic style, the solid colors are very appealing. 

What’s your favorite way to pack your children’s lunch? Share your tips below!

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Back-to School-Lunches: 5 Expert Tips Your Kids Will Love - Reusable snack bags- Theresa's Reviews


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