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Theresa’s Reviews is a guide to modern living for today’s families. This lighthearted, sometimes passionate, and informative lifestyle website features RecipesMen’s Grooming ProductsHealth And WellnessEducational, and parenting articles.  

This site was launched in the summer of 2014 with content Theresa had previously published on Yahoo and Nashville Mommy Blog since 2013 and has become a popular resource for thousands of readers worldwide.

With the efforts of determined editor Theresa Pike, Theresa’s Reviews has developed a strong readership and is gaining new followers daily. Parents and non-parents alike find inspiration in the unique and informative ideas.

The owner of Theresa’s Reviews, Theresa Pike, has published her writing since 2010. As you can see from her online portfolio, her writing has been featured in numerous publications.

She has written for companies like The Huffington Post, Yahoo, LIVESTRONG, AOL, Trails, Daily Actor, and Mane Dish.

Theresa’s Reviews and its creator, Theresa, have been seen and referenced in many publications, including Scholastic Magazine and ShopSmart Magazine, published by Consumer Reports. 

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