One of my favorite strategies for picking up Easter basket gift items is to buy small sale items the week after Easter. I’ve gotten adorable items for inexpensive prices this way. This year, it slipped my mind to shop ahead for the holidays. Instead, I searched for some of the nicest, sweetest gifts that my girls would like. Check out some of the cutest finds for Easter gifts this year.

Easter Basket Gift Guide for Girls

For a sweet, simple, and religious gift, check out the Quan Jewelry Christ Infinity Cross Necklace. I got this necklace for my older daughter Samantha. I couldn’t resist trying the necklace out myself. The fit was perfect! The necklace didn’t go far past my collarbone, so it looked nice with modest shirts. I really liked the symbolism the necklace had, especially during this Lent season. Usually, I don’t venture much into religion on Theresa’s Reviews, but the religious aspect of Easter is really important to me. This necklace is a nice way to commemorate that this holiday is about Jesus, not just about the Easter bunny and Easter baskets.


Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring @quanjewelry - on Theresa's Reviews

Another pretty item perfect for girls are Lily Nily bangles. These bangles are just the right size for Samantha and Georgiana’s wrists. I picked out their favorite colors, and I know they’ll be really happy with this gift. Georgiana has been hoping for some special jewelry. These items have such a nice look, which would make any girl feel special. Lily Nily sells a wide variety of kids’ jewelry. You can also get bracelets and more. For a festive look, buy pastel colored jewelry.

Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring @lnily - on Theresa's Reviews

To store the special Easter day jewelry, Caboodles has a cool Pop Art style case. This is a great gift because it can be used for so many different reasons. Caboodles work well for makeup for older girls, jewelry, or play jewelry for younger kids. You can use them to store anything, including items other than makeup. Since Samantha and I already both have our own Caboodle that we use for different reasons, Georgiana will be so excited to get this. She is always trying to get nail polish or lipstick out of my Caboodle. She also tries to get jewelry, kiddie nail polish, and electronics out of Samantha’s. Owning a Caboodle will make Georgiana feel like she’s a big girl now. These are great for girls of any age.
Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring @caboodles - on Theresa's Reviews


Before Christmas, I did a review of the Scholastic Branches book series. These books continue to be Samantha’s favorite. As a certified teacher, what I love most about these series is that they are very developmentally appropriate for early readers. There are lots of pictures and simple vocabulary. When I recently attended the Scholastic book fair, Samantha was hoping to get some of the more difficult chapter books, like the Whatever After series. Since that series is on a 4th grade reading level, it’s way past Samantha’s comfort zone in reading. I was really excited to spot the Branches book series, and even though I had samples waiting at home to surprise Samantha with, we went ahead and bought a couple anyway.

Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring @scholastic - on Theresa's Reviews

Another great gift for level-headed girls are a nice pair of outdoor shoes. Check out Chaco’s ZX1 EcoTread in the Chantilly Rouge color. Since college, I’ve loved wearing these shoes in the adult size. Chaco shoes offer excellent support. The LUVSEAT platform footbed helps with arch support and even helps with body alignment. These are great sandals for a growing girl. Samantha has worn different styles of Chacos, but these ZX1 ExoTread sandals are a classic. The fit is excellent, and the style goes with everything for spring and summer.

Spring Shoes Your Kids Will Adore - Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring @chacos - on Theresa's Reviews

Games are one of the most fun gifts because you’re giving an experience. My kids have been playing with Thinkfun toys for a while, and they recently tried a few new games. We tried out Stratos Spheres, Yoga Spinner, Move and Groove, and 4 Children’s Card Games. The combination of games fit with my daughters’ age differences. I especially liked the card games because they fit well in the Easter basket, and they reminded me of the games that I played when I was a kid. The yoga game and the movement game both are excellent for encouraging my family to be more active. For Easter, I love to give games that give my kids the experience of spending time with me.

Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring @thinkfun - on Theresa's Reviews

Stuffed animals are a classic gift for Easter. Since Samantha is getting older,  I like to give her special stuffed animals. She really recognize is the difference between an item I pick up at the grocery store last minute, and an item that I put a lot of thought into. Steiff stuffed animals are known for their high quality, so it was neat to try out a couple of their toys. I received the Pilla Duckling and the Manni Rabbit. It was really exciting to have the stuffed animals shipped in from Germany. They are totally adorable and are excellent collectables for girls.

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Another stuffed animal gift I got was the Aurora World Chirpin’ Chick and Luxe Bunny. These were perfect for Georgiana. Since Georgiana is only three, these soft, cuddly, friendly-looking stuffed animals were exactly right for her. She loves toys that are huggable. The two stuffed toys look adorable. I really liked that these items are a nice size. The toys take up plenty of room to make the Easter basket look very full. I usually have a lot of small, inexpensive items in the Easter basket so my kids have plenty to play with during the day. A couple larger items like these make the Easter basket look full, even when there aren’t too many things in it.

Hop into Easter with these adorable gift ideas! Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring Aurora World - on Theresa's Reviews

One strategy for picking out a special gift is to personalize it. Peek a whoo makes the cutest monogrammed Jellycat bunny rabbits. I learned about the company from another blogger, and I was excited to see what the stuffed toys were like in person! I tried out two medium bunny rabbits personalized with each of my daughter’s names. When my kids see their names on a toy, it creates an instant connection and makes the item very dear to them. The toys were adorable and high quality. I loved that the toys were soft and plush. These are the perfect items for cuddling with at night.

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For a really fun gift, buy Hatch ‘Ems. These toys are the ultimate entertainment for Easter morning. Each egg will hatch. After it hatches, when you put it in water, it grows to a larger size. The whole process takes a couple days. It’s cool that kids will want to keep coming back to the toy to see what’s happening next. I loved how interactive this toy was. These are awesome well beyond Easter, and they even come in a cool, Animal Planet theme too! It’s also a great way to teach about different animals. This is something I would have loved as a kid, and my kids loved playing with it now. The more interactive a toy is, the more fun kids have with it.

Easter eggs that hatch! Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring Hatch 'Ems - on Theresa's Reviews

Samantha is going through this phase of loving everything girly. She was in awe when she recently saw a commercial for glittery hair accessories. Glitzies is one of the coolest gifts for girls who love to accessorize. These items can quickly make any girl look like a rock star. The hair jewelry comes in a variety of different colors and styles. I really liked the fun pink and red styles. They will fit great in any size Easter basket.

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Stickers can be fun gifts for girls of any age. From iDecoz, you can get really cool tech decals. These items are restickable, and they’ll work on all sorts of surfaces. Since my daughters don’t own phones or tablets yet, they can put these on the windows for fun. Some of the stickers are scratch ‘n’ sniff. These fun, colorful items will bring lots of fun on Easter morning. Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring @idecoz-inc - on Theresa's Reviews

Inflatable bunnies are super fun to set out on Easter morning. Kids are so excited to see the decorations, and it adds to the element of surprise. From Party Cheap, I checked out two inflatable bunnies. The Jumbo Inflatable Easter Bunny is 71 inches tall, and looks awesome inside my house. The second I received is the Inflatable Bunny that stands at 62 inches tall. Both made my kids grin. It’s cool to make Easter morning about more than the Easter basket itself, and these items bring a liveliness to your home for the holiday.

Easter gift guide - gifts for the Easter basket - Featuring Party Cheap - on Theresa's Reviews

So there you have it! Easter baskets can be super simple to put together for girls. Waking up to a surprise is such fun for kids that they’ll usually be happy with whatever they find. What are you giving in your Easter baskets this year? Share your ideas in the comments section below!


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  1. Yanique

    These are great ideas! My kids are at that age where candy and eggs just don’t cut it. I never know what to get them. I don’t even know how they started getting gifts for Easter quite honestly!

  2. Kimberly

    Such great ideas. We are doing books this year, along with some art supplies and outdoor toys (bubbles and chalk). I’m going to do candy in a Easter Bunny Garden “cake” and that way we don’t have a ton of candy. 🙂

  3. Debonita

    Decorating eggs with Glitzies would be so much fun. You give me an idea on how to give easter basket a twist.

  4. Nicole

    I keep forgetting that Easter is in March this year! I really need to get my daughter’s basket together. I’m loving the idea of jewelry and chapter books for when my girl gets a little older. I’m so glad I stopped by, I really needed this reminder, yikes!

  5. Carolyn

    This made me think that I need to get on my kids baskets! I always like adding flip flops to our baskets. Everyone always needs a new pair in the spring.

  6. Meghan

    These are all great ideas! I love all the stuffed animals and the eggs that hatch. I did a post today about Easter baskets too!

  7. Valerie Robinson

    Great ideas! I really have been at a loss for what to put in the baskets this year.

  8. Elizabeth O

    I like your selections for the gift basket. Each item would be a great gift and together, they are fabulous! 💖

  9. Idaintyit

    Those are some lovely gift ideas, I love the Lilly Nily bracelets. I don’t have a girl though, I have a boy who is getting cars cars and more cars for Easter

  10. CourtneyLynne

    Omg these are some great basket ideas!!! Every basket needs a bunny!

  11. Deanna

    Such great ideas, I love the Christ cross infinity necklace and the bunny.

  12. Kiara Catanzaro

    I love these little ideas! For me nieces, you can never go wrong with a little stuffed animal and some cute hair pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Monroe Bishop

    Lovely ideas!!! I can’t wait until my grand daughter is old enough to appreciate


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