As a follow up to one of my recent beauty articles, I had some kids’ winter skin care essentials to share. When it comes to my kids, I want the best for their skin. Over the years, I’ve stuck to some well known, popular brands of kids’ skin care products. This year, I decided to get more creative. I tried out samples from four companies. The result was that I discovered some of the best items for kids’ skin in the winter.

Kids’ Winter Skin Care Essentials

Winter skin care starts well before you apply lotion. Repair chapped skin with natural soaps and body washes. Beesential Natural Body Care is a line of products made from honey and beeswax as well as other natural ingredients. The result is an incredibly hydrating experience.

I tried out the company’s hand soap. Usually, I buy the cheapest hand soap since our family goes through so much so fast, and I always notice that the hand soap dries out my skin. With this new product, my skin retained a lot of its moisture. This hand soap was effective, and it came in multiple, nice scents. I also tried out the hand cream, which my daughters loved. Currently, Samantha uses the relaxing lavender scent. Georgiana uses the fragrance free cream, and since she’s younger, it is better on her skin.

Best Skin Care for Winter - @BeessentialBDCR - on Theresa's Reviews

Another way to combat the effects of the icy winter air is with hydrating hair care. To discover whether my kids’ hair care routine could improve, I tested out a new shampoo and conditioner from Fairy Tales Hair Care. The Super Charge Detangling Shampoo and the Detangling Conditioner can work on any hair. For curly hair, I tried the Curly-Q Shampoo. Georgiana has straight hair, so the detangling products were just what she needed. She had less fly aways, and her hair looked calm. Samantha has wavy hair, and she liked the combination of the Curly-Q shampoo with the detangling conditioner. Afterwards, Samantha’s hair looked nice, and it had no frizz.

Hair care that hydrates to create fairy tale locks for your princess - @fairytaleshair - on Theresa's Reviews

Skin care is particularly important to infants and toddlers. My toddler’s skin chafes when it gets cold outside. It’s really difficult to keep her skin hydrated, even with the thickest of lotions. Instead of a lotion, I use the Hydra-stick from Mustela. The item is tiny, so I had an easy time tossing it in my purse to head outdoors. When my toddler’s skin showed intense dryness, I applied the Hydra-stick directly to the dry area. The deep moisturizing formula is incredibly effective.

I tried out multiple products from Mustela, and I was happy with them all. Another of my favorites is the 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash. This product is tear free, which means a lot to my daughters. The barely noticeable scent is delightful. My toddler smells amazing when she uses this. When my kids need a deeper cleaning, I scrub them with the Gentle Soap with Cold Cream. Because the soap is so gentle, it’s fine to use when my kids have dry skin.

After a bath, I apply the Hydra Bébé Facial Cream. Kids can use this face cream daily without their skin getting greasy. Before using the face cream, I often skipped applying lotion to my kids’ face. Using face lotion makes a huge difference. My daughters have the most vibrant looking skin now.

Kids' Winter Skin Care Essentials - Featuring @mustelaUSA - Theresa's Reviews -

One thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for kids’ winter skin care products is that sometimes, the same items that work for adults can work for kids. When I buy items that are non-irritating, the products usually work fine on my kids’ skin. Trilipiderm carries hydrating, natural products that are excellent for kids and adults. The All-Body Moisture Retention Crème is incredible. This product is soft and makes my skin smooth. There’s no residue left over, and the scent is minimal. Another similar product is the Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with Vitamin D. I used this product because sun damage can still happen in the winter. Even though it might not seem sunny, spending the day outside playing in the snow can have an effect on kids’ skin.

Winter Skincare for the Whole Family - Kids' Winter Skin Care Essentials - Theresa's Reviews -

All of the winter skin care items I tried out were excellent. My kids were so happy with their skin care routine this year. Samantha told me that last year, her skin hurt when she played in the snow, but this year, everything was all better. I could tell that being preventative and applying quality lotion before playing in the snow made a big difference. When more snow comes this winter, we’ll be ready!

What winter skin care items do you use for your kids? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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    Thanks for the recommendations! A couple of my kids have very sensitive skin and moderate eczema that gets worse in the winter. We’ve heard of Mustela, but not the others.

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