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A Parent’s Job Is To Always Stay Moving

Have you ever kept track of how much of your day is spent walking around, just to keep up with your kids? I’m not the type to actually purchase a fitness tracking device, but I can tell that my main exercise comes from being a parent. That’s why wearing the best shoes is super important. The problem is that not every pair of shoes I wear offers excellent arch support.

Sometimes purchasing more expensive, higher quality shoes can solve that problem, but not always. I have two pairs of shoes from a company I love. One pair, the sandals, are more comfortable than any sandals I have ever worn. The fit is exactly spot on, and the style is super fun. The second pair, a standard clog style, has some extra space that can make it hard for me to be active when I’m wearing them.

To solve the problem, one day it came to me to try inserting my Tread Labs shoe insoles I had received months earlier. The fit of the insolves in the shoes was perfect.

Tread Labs Stride Insole Review & Giveaway

The last time I shared information about Tread Labs was in July of 2015, when the company contacted me. They had noticed how much I loved Chaco brand shoes (I still do), and they explained that the former CEO of Chacos Mark Paigen was starting a new insole company. Chacos offered such an excellent fit and arch support, so the idea of Chaco like comfort for shoes intrigued me. 

Now, the company has really expanded and grown. When the company did away with their free try-on program, they shared the development of a new style of insole. I think it’s really cool that the owners analyzed their program, decided it wasn’t as effective as it could be, and created a new product based on the demands of their customers. 

Tread Labs Stride Insole Review & Giveaway

Summer brings even more running after the kids. With all the outdoor activities, you’ll need a great pair of shoes that have the exact right fit for you. Check out Stride Insoles and you won’t mind how much your kids keep you on your feet.

Tread Labs Stride Insole Giveaway

I was excited that the company offered to give away a pair of their new Stride Insoles to one of my readers. If you’d like to try these insoles out, enter today!
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Parents, what helps you stay on your feet all day? Share in the comments section below!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received payment for sharing this information with you!

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45 Responses

  1. Christine - The Choosy Mommy

    OMG I would looooooooooove these! My husband makes fun of me all of the time for wearing my tennis shoes everywhere but I just can’t do flip flops all day with 2 kids! My feet and back would be killing me by the end of the day.

  2. Shay

    These would be amazing! After a bad car accident without proper support in shoes my back and legs KILL ME.

  3. Shann

    These look awesome. I need extra arch support in most of my shoes, so these would really help. Thanks for the contest!

  4. Jennifer Corter

    These shoes look SO comfortable and awesome! I entered the giveaway, I’m dying for a new pair of shoes. As a mom, I’ve just been wearing these slip-on shoes for months now so I can just put them on and go. But I’d give anything for a decent pair of shoes!

  5. GIGI

    I actually wear sketchers I am a nursing student and I stand about 10 hours a day. They protect my feet from shocks as their insole is amazing! good luck for everyone in this giveaway!

  6. Stella the Travelerette

    Those look very comfortable! I’m not a parent, but I teach elementary school so I’m on my feet all day. It would be nice to have something to help my poor soles!

  7. Justina

    These would be great for those days I have a lot of running around to do. Are they useful for running?

  8. Felice

    Oh I am definitely entering this giveaway. I need these so bad. I just started running on mornings so this would be perfect.

  9. Ashlyn

    My husband has terrible arches. He’s currently been trying to find shoes that help with the pain in his feet. We’ve tried wraps and gel stuff but never something like this. I entered to win!

  10. Diana

    So informative! Awesome/helpful – I wear orthotics (which is basically the same thing) – the hard part is getting shoes you can put them in ♡dynamicbohemian.com

  11. Rose Sahetapy

    I have back pain and I think good arches support insole will be wise choice to have. I’m not sure if your give away available outside of US.

  12. Kerry

    These would be great for my sister, she works in a nursery and is constantly on her feet. She has always said that her heels can get sore depending what she has done that day, will need to tell her about these!

  13. Zenobia

    As somebody who hates heels and lives in her sports shoes I would love these

  14. Denise M

    I’m not a parent but some days I am on my feet a long time, the fact these insoles can help with arches is good as my arches have now started to drop. Not sure if it’s age or wearing flats all the time that caused it.

  15. Thuli Mac

    I’ve read that our feet can tell a lot about our health. Taking care of them is important. Most just ignore! Cool post!

  16. Jovanhanna

    These look very comfortable! Since having baby number 2 (13 years apart from her sister) I’ve had to trade in my heels for comfort and even then I still may have aching feet. This might be just what I need. I would love to try them.

  17. Kerry

    Thanks for sharing! Comfortable shoes are so important when you have to keep going all day, especially if you try to walk a lot like we do.

  18. Rada (journous.com)

    This is great! Insoles can actually be a big problem solver for many people. My husband has flat feet and I have very high arches; many companies don’t make comfortable shoes for either for us.

  19. Valerie Robinson

    It’s getting warmer and I’ve been doing a lot of evening walks. I love the comfort in soles bring!

  20. Melanie

    I need these. Im on my feet all night at work and my feet are always killing me. Thanks for sharing


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