With my older daughter Samantha having to adjust to having a little sister in the house for almost the past two years, taking care of a baby has become an important job to her. Often when I’m busy multitasking, I ask Samantha to chip in by running upstairs to get diapers and wipes for her little sister. Sometimes the older daughter has coached the younger girl on how to use the potty. Because reading potty training books to the younger sister has become a nightly tradition for the older sister, the commercials for LaLaLoopsy Diaper Surprise caught the older girl’s attention. Even though as an adult I initially thought the idea was silly, I liked that the product helped my daughter practice her responsibility with a toy, which she found entertaining.

LaLaLoopsy Diaper Surprise Review

One of the best features of the toy was the doll. Curls, a bonnet, and a sweet, rounded face all helped make a sweet looking baby doll. The doll was a nice size to fit in my daughter’s play bassinet. With arms wide open, the doll looked ready for hugs and cuddling. Holding the doll, I found that it felt high quality.


In using the doll, I found that the accessories were well made too. The doll came with three diapers that fit the doll nicely. Samantha had fun being in charge of changing the doll’s diapers. Being responsible for changing diapers helped Samantha feel that she was like how Mommy is with our family’s baby. The doll would have worked well a couple years ago to explain to my daughter what life would be like with a new baby in the home.

Another feature that was nice about the doll was that it came with everything needed to feed the baby. Using the bowl and spoon, my daughter placed the doll in her little sister’s high chair to give the doll breakfast. Samantha also liked using the bottle. As she sometimes helps feed her little sister, she could relate to taking care of a baby, which made the doll special to her. My daughter most liked that she could relate the doll to her own life in an authentic way, while learning to act like Mom.

Even though the doll is named for what it does in its diaper, I found that it had other features that were more appealing to me as an adult. Being able to feed and change a doll is something that many years ago, I liked doing when I had dolls as a child. My daughter loved the doll as well as the doll’s accessories. To learn more, visit the company’s website. 

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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