You might remember when last year, I took the girls to Ocean City, Maryland, which you can read about in this post – 5 Things to Do in Ocean City, Maryland. This was the coolest vacation to me because it was Georgiana’s first time to visit a beach. This was also the first time for Samantha, Georgiana and me to visit a tourist destination that is known as a quintessential spot for Marylanders to visit in the summer. With so many important reasons to remember our relaxing and memorable summer vacation, I wanted to create something special to remember our beach memories.

Remembering Your Beach Vacation

Even though we brought back the typical souvenirs from our beach vacation, it had now been a year since our beach trip and the memories were starting to fade. According to Samantha, all her friends were going to the beach this summer, and we were the only family with no plans to do. To help reassure her that the beach is still on my mind, I came up with an idea to show my girls how much I appreciated our Ocean City beach trip. I ordered custom Palm Surf Club shirts from The Custom Kids apparel company. Each shirt was customized with my child’s name, the year, and the name of the beach. 

Remembering Your Beach Vacation - Ocean City, Maryland - Tee-shirts from The Custom Kids - Found on

One thing I really liked was that the shirts fit true to size. It was easy to navigate the website and simple to figure out how to order the right item. Sizing, color options, and customization options were clearly explained. Everything arrived the way I expected it to arrive. I loved how nice the shirts felt. The cotton fabric was incredibly soft. My kids liked that the neck of the shirt fit comfortably over their heads.

Remembering Your Beach Vacation - Ocean City, Maryland - Tee-shirts from The Custom Kids - Found on

My kids love having personalized items. Anytime I can put my kids names on something, I do. Since Georgiana is still learning how to spell her name, she especially liked seeing her name written on a shirt. She knows the first few letters but because her name is so long, she is still working on spelling the whole thing. I like exposing her to her name as frequently as possible to help her learn the letters. When the shirt arrived, we used it as an opportunity to go over the spelling together.

Remembering Your Beach Vacation - Ocean City, Maryland - Tee-shirts from The Custom Kids - Found on

Samantha especially liked the coloring of the shirt. She loves the color pink! This was the perfect shirt to help her remember her amazing experience at the beach. Her face completely lit up when she got the shirt. I knew the shirt meant a lot to her. Our beach memories seemed so easy to remember. The soft sand, the hot sun, and the cool water… We could almost imagine ourselves there!

Remembering Your Beach Vacation - Ocean City, Maryland - Tee-shirts from The Custom Kids - Found on

Even though we’ll go to the beach again some day in the future, the first time Georgiana went to the beach will forever be one of my favorite memories. As we walked towards the water, she only made it halfway before she plopped down in the sand. She was enthralled with the way the sand felt between her fingers. Before she got in the ocean, she was covered from head to toe in sand. I loved having the opportunity to be so carefree and to use the ocean to rinse some of the sand off of her. The next time we go to the beach, it won’t be her first time. I am so happy I have a way to remember her very first time seeing the ocean. Now, my girls will always have a special memory shirt that helps them remember that very amazing summer vacation.

Do you have a special way you remember your beach vacation? Share in the comments!

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  1. Lisa Arcelia

    It must be a girl thing. I remember going to Ocean City, NJ in the summers of my youth. I LOVED getting T-shirts from the boardwalk and wearing them afterwards. These are really special and look so darn cute on your girls.

  2. Stephanie

    This is such a cool idea. We are going to the beach this September and this would make for the perfect keepsake for our son.

  3. Shantel Collins

    This is so on point. I’m planning a visit to Ocean City with my friends and our kids!! I hear that it’s so great there. I have my maxi dresses, my big sun hat and my favorite books ready for some beach action!!

  4. Leslie S.

    It’s always been a tradition to get a tee shirt from where we visit. It’s one of my favorite souviners ever! When we were kids we got airbrushes tees from the beach. My mama saved several of them. Now that I have a son, we do the same for him!

  5. Bri

    Super cute! These shirts are way cuter than the typical touristy shop shirts! Love it!

  6. CourtneyLynne

    Omg how cute are these shirts?!?! Love the idea of remembering through a tee!!!

  7. Shann

    So cool! What a fun way to remember a vacation! I love personalized stuff for my kids too. Can’t wait to check these out!

  8. Alexis

    I love that these are personalized but aren’t so noticeable. It actually looks like the name of the company! What a great way to remember your trip.

  9. Rebekah @ Surviving Toddlerhood

    These shirts are adorable! My mom wants to get shirts for a family gathering {whenever we actually schedule one, haha} and these would be perfect! We could put the different family names and then have a great way to remember the family reunion. 🙂

  10. Joanna

    This is such a fun idea! I wish I would’ve thought about this a few months back when we went to the beach.

  11. Tiffany

    T-Shirts are my thing and I love grabbing one form vacations and places I want to remember. This is such a great one and I love the color print!


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