Many students give gifts to teachers at Christmas time, but it is also very thoughtful to show how much a teacher meant to you at the end of the year. Although room moms will frequently take care of organizing a gift for the class, gifts from individual students are thoughtful and are very much appreciated. I came up with a list of teacher gifts to make it easier to pick something out at the end of the year. As a side note, some of these gifts — especially the beauty products and snacks — would also double as great gifts for teachers to give to their room moms who worked hard throughout the year.

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

First, a handwritten letter is one of the most thoughtful gifts a teacher can receive. Writing a letter is completely free to do, and it’s also a great way to demonstrate how far along your child has come. The key to a thoughtful handwritten letter at the end of the year is to be specific and use detail. Thank the teacher for teaching specific topics, and explain why it meant so much to you. Express yourself with sincerity and honesty, and it will mean so much to the teacher.

Food delivery is a great way to welcome a teacher into the summer with one less worry on her mind. Hello Fresh sends the best, freshest ingredients so you can prepare them from home without having to go grocery shopping. Their meals vary each month, and that’s part of the fun of seeing what you’ll get. To get this for a teacher, you should give a gift card so she can order it to her home address. Give with a note that reads, “You have been the #1 ingredient to my success this year!”

I had a great time trying out the meals. All of the ingredients arrived fresh and ready to be cooked. With an incredible flavor, the beef tacos were especially delicious! Check out my Instagram feed for photos from my experience.

End of the Year 2016 Teacher Gifts - Found on

Spa gifts are another especially thoughtful gift at the end of the school year. Not only can the school year be stressful to students, but it also can be to the teachers! Buy the Savannah Bee Natural Spa Gift Set. This item comes with everything a teacher would need for some last minute pampering before a fun pool or beach trip. I have tried out several Savannah Bee products this past year, and I’ve always been so impressed with its high quality and lovely aromas.

End of the Year 2016 Teacher Gifts - Found on

Craft ideas can make an inexpensive solution more appealing. For example, buy a 10-pack of popcorn from the grocery store to hand out to all your child’s teachers, and leave a note about how POPular the teachers are. This idea won’t cost you more than $10, and it is a great way to make sure that every teacher receives some appreciation.

You can also buy mini gourmet popcorn tins for your child’s teachers. Doc Popcorn sells the traditional sized, jumbo tins that you could give to one teacher, but the Teeny Tin 6-pack is one of my favorites. The tins look very nice and fun with their bright coloring. You can also customize the tins to contain your favorite flavors. I ordered these, and I loved getting to choose from delicious flavors like Cocoa Marshmallow Crunch to Triple White Cheddar. They’re perfect for students who want to send a thank you gift to the teaching assistants, specials teachers, and the administration.

End of the Year 2016 Teacher Gifts - Found on

Picture gifts are a nice way to capture a fun moment from the school year. Your thank you note can read, “Thank you for a picture perfect school year!” Buy photo magnets from Sticky9 to preserve a classroom memory in a unique way. I ordered two of these to check out the quality. I especially liked how clear the photo of Samantha turned out. My kids would have a lot of fun pulling the magnets apart and playing with them. The puzzle photo would make a neat classroom decoration too. End of the Year 2016 Teacher Gifts - Found on

Another nice gift is anything coffee related for teachers who need a bit of caffeine to get through the day. Gift cards to coffee houses are great. It’s super relaxing to walk through a store with a gourmet coffee in hand, a luxury that many teachers don’t give themselves during the school year.

For a unique, strong flavor, buy Vietnamese coffee beans. The coffee has a rich taste and it smells amazing when it brews. Give the coffee beans with a note that says, “It’s such a perk to be in your classroom!” You could also put it in a basket with sweetened condensed milk, a mug, and a coffee grinder.

End of the Year 2016 Teacher Gifts - Found on

Teachers will appreciate even the smallest of gestures. Even a simple note goes a long way at the end of the year! What are your favorite 2016 teacher gifts at the end of the year and why? Leave your ideas in the comments section!

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  1. Courtney

    Such a cute idea! I taught for 4 years and certainly would’ve appreciated this. We don’t get too much love on the secondary level.

    -Courtney from

  2. Carrie

    Great ideas!! Love the gourmet popcorn idea. My daughters have male teachers this year and I was stumped, but am going to send popcorn – thanks.

  3. CourtneyLynne

    These are some great gift ideas!!! Crazy that the school year is practically over!

  4. Vei Vei

    Definitely will use in the future. I regret that I didn’t read this post sooner. My daughter is out of school now. But, will use ideas next year thanks.

  5. Christy

    Based of off my teacher friends and family, I completely agree with coffee! And I think the stronger the coffee, the better!

  6. Shann

    Great ideas! I love that puzzle picture. The food subscription is also so unique, and I think teachers would really appreciate it.


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