Looking for a special Father’s Day gift for the dad who brings joy to your life every day of the year? This gift guide covers unique, fun gifts that fathers will appreciate — not to mention the best sweets and the manliest tools he’ll rave about for weeks to come. Father’s Day is about much more than just gifts, so don’t forget to plan a special day with him too. I’ve got a giveaway too, so make sure to read to the end of the article to enter!

Father’s Day 2016 Gifts That Dad Will Love


Tools are one of the manliest gifts, and guys love having them. A company most well known for its high quality chainsaws, STIHL, got in contact with me about trying out one of their tools for Father’s Day. My husband had his choice of a practical leaf blower or trimmer, but he chose their coolest item, the MS 170 chainsaw. I already thought that just the chainsaw was a huge donation for this article, so you can imagine my surprise when I arrived at my local Ace Hardware and was greeted by a manager who brought me a cart of about a value of $626 worth of STIHL products, including all the protective gear that my husband and I would need – protective glasses, ear protection, and chaps for the two of us. Check out the cart on my Instagram!

The manager gave me a helpful tutorial on how to start the chainsaw, which completely boosted my confidence in using power tools. I received the Moto Mix, so I didn’t have to worry about buying gas and oil. He also showed me where to add the lubricant and how to pull the chain to make sure it moves freely. I received a scrench just in case I ever needed to tighten or loosen any parts. I was relieved that the chain break would automatically stop the chainsaw. Going over all the safety procedures in the store was super helpful. My husband was super excited about his gift, and I thought it was a pretty cool item too.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) - @stihlusa @theresapickett1

Photo Prints of the Kids

Capture a special moment in time. Take photos of your kids and print them in a large size. For best lighting, snap photos on a sunny day and check that your kids aren’t standing in the shadows. I brought my kids to a local nature park to get photos on a gorgeous day with nice scenery. To print, I chose Fracture’s large, rectangular 15.6 X 20.8 glass print. The photo of Samantha looked beautiful blown up so large. I loved how the frameless photo had a crisp, modern look. Every detail was emphasized and the coloring looked perfect.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) - @fractureme @Theresapickett1


Bake a homemade cake with your kids for a more personal touch. Even with my modest baking skills, Red Velvet NYC helped me make a gourmet style carrot cake. The company sent me all of the ingredients, perfectly measured out.  Everything arrived nicely chilled. I was very impressed that the cake’s recipe included six fresh carrots to give it an authentic flavor. Samantha enjoyed grating the carrots, and Georgiana enjoyed stirring the dry ingredients. I loved involving my kids in the process of baking for their dad. They were really proud of our final creation, which was incredibly tasty. Nothing beats the smell of a fresh, homemade cake coming right out of the oven.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) @RedVelvetNYC @TheresaPickett1

For another sweet gift idea, buy a classic box of chocolates. Moonstruck Chocolate offers a handsome variety of handcrafted artisan chocolates that taste incredible. I tried out the nine piece Father’s Day wrapped collection. This set includes a variety of gourmet truffles with handpainted accents and delicious ingredients. My personal favorite was the ivory Champagne truffle that tasted as nice as it looked. Each chocolate was rich and flavorful to satisfy even the sweetest of sweet tooths. 

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) @moonstruckchoc @theresapickett1

Chocolates with a healthy twist can appeal to health-conscious men who still want a little bit of decadency every once in awhile. Chocolate covered fruits allow a bit of indulgence without straying too far from a healthy meal plan. From Julie’s Datery, you can buy the Spring chocolate date gift box. The item comes with three varieties of chocolate covered dates. Even my husband who usually prefers pure chocolatey desserts was snacking on the salted peanut butter date caramels dipped in chocolate. Another favorite that I tried is the Pistachio orange stuffed dates. The flavor was intriguing and refreshing. 

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) - Julie's Datery - @TheresaPickett1


For guys who prefer savory to sweet, cook him a delicious meal with the best ingredients. Omaha Steaks offers a memorable, tasty, and delivered meal with the Father’s Day T-Bone gift set. This set has premium meat, including 2 T-bone steaks, 4 brisket burgers, 4 jumbo franks, and you even get a signature seasoning packet. There’s plenty for a full Father’s Day lunch and dinner, and what guy wouldn’t appreciate an entire day of being treated to tasty food? I received this gift set to try out, and I loved the variety of meats as well as their succulent taste. These three types of meats were my husband’s favorites, so he loved the package. It was super convenient to have it all sent to my house too.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway)


Heading into summer, guys need two classic styles of shoes. First, a great pair of athletic shoes is a necessity. Under Armour has excellent tennis shoes. I tried out the SpeedForm Gemini 2, which looked nice enough wear to casual restaurants, but also had an ideal fit so they would work well for exercise. To make a summer athletic wear essential more exciting, buy the SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record-Equipped. The neatest feature is that the shoes connect directly to the Map My Run app. You can track the distance you run with the built-in chip that provides GPS tracking and stats.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) @underarmour @TheresaPickett1

Another pair of shoes that are a staple in a guy’s summer wardrobe are slip-on shoes you can on vacation. SeaVees has classic slip-ons that would fit well in a suitcase, are simple to get on and off, and look nice for different occasions. The Baja Slip-on Standard have a fun, relaxed appeal, especially with carefree beach vacations on the horizon. Slip the shoes on for an afternoon at a restaurant by the pier, and slip them off to get in the water. Guys will feel comfortable and look stylish for any casual vacation.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) @seavees @theresapickett1


Purchase summer clothing essentials, like shorts. Guys will be happy not to have to set foot in the mall. One clothing company I tried out recently was Johnnie-O, who sells clothes with a relaxed, summer vibe. The khaki Catalina shorts have a comfortable stretch and fall at a nice length. They also have pocket room to hold dad’s necessities on summer adventures. The style is casual and fun. These shorts go great with the SeaVees slip-on shoes or with sandals and would also work well for a beach trip.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) @johnnieobrand @TheresaPickett1

The one beach essential you can’t do without is an awesome bathing suit. Le Club has the most handsome, robin’s egg blue pair Displaying 9.jpgthat would looks perfect for any water activity. The coloring will compliment so many skin tones will look great with a tan. You can even buy a matching pair for your son! My husband owns this pair and he loves them, and so do I. The quality is really nice, and I like the comfortable stretchy waist and drawstring.9

Displaying 9.jpg

Add to your gift of clothing by laundering a fresh load of nice smelling clothes for him. FREY laundry detergent is formulated just for men. The detergent has a manly, cologne-inspired scent and will make his clothes feel amazing. I shared a photo on my Twitter account of me trying out a shirt that the company sent me that was laundered in their detergent. I thought the smell was amazing and so did my husband and my kids.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) @frey-laundry-detergent-for-men @TheresaPickett1

Beach Gear

Buy pool or beach gear for the guy who loves the water. One unique idea is a towel that has a pillow, made by Tillow. I used this towel when the neighborhood pool opened on Memorial Day weekend. It was the best experience I’ve had using a beach towel. The additional support from the pillow made going to the pool even more relaxing. Another cool feature is the water resistant pouch, where you can store your phone and keys.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) @thetillow @TheresaPickett1


While flowers may be an untraditional gift for men on Father’s Day, they are a very special way to show that you care. Buy the Vintage Ford Pickup Bouquet from Teleflora. The roses, carnations, and mums come in warm, masculine colors. I liked the Ford truck because it’s a nice keepsake men can keep around long after Father’s Day is over. If a bouquet isn’t your guy’s style, you can also try a money plant, bamboo, or a bonsai tree, but I thought this design was the coolest guy’s bouquet I’ve ever seen.

Father's Day Gifts and Giveaway - @teleflora @TheresaPickett1

Grooming Gear

Buy a grooming kit that dad can take on his summer travels. Vanity Planet’s Roam men’s personal grooming collection has everything a guy might need. There’s an extra set of razors, nail clippers, and even a toothbrush. The sturdy textured case that holds the grooming gear is super nice looking! This thoughtful gift helps with every aspect of grooming and makes packing for a vacation much easier. Order the set with the code TRFDGGroam to get $50 off your purchase!

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) @vanityplanet @TheresaPickett1

Shaving gear always makes a nice Father’s Day gift. You can purchase a Master Shave gift set so dad can get a clean shave and look nice for all occasions during the summer months. The 5-blade M-X5 gift set arrives in a beautiful, clear acrylic storage case. It comes with four stainless steel cartridges, an alloy metal handle, and an additional trimmer. When my husband tried these out, he really liked the results. 

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway)

While you might not automatically think of oral hygiene when you think of Father’s Day gifts, Oral-B sells the coolest toothbrush that will make you rethink tooth care supplies as a gift for men. The PRO 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth has features you wouldn’t have even thought of having on your toothbrush. You can connect the toothbrush to an app on your phone to get updates, help focus your brushing, and to motivate you. There is even pressure-sensing technology that tailors the speed of brushing to make your experience feel amazing. It’s a super high tech, health conscious item that guys will appreciate.

What to Buy Dad for Father's Day 2016 (& Giveaway) - Oral-B Pro 7000 Set

Dads, what are you hoping to get this Father’s Day? Share your favorite, completely honest gift ideas in the comments section below!


Enter in my Father’s Day gift guide giveaway! One lucky winner will receive one M-X5 gift set from Master Shave (ARV $79), a $100 gift card to Fracture, one kit of your choice from Red Velvet NYC (ARV $25), and a Vintage Ford Pickup Bouquet from Teleflora (ARV $54.95)! The total value is around $259!

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  1. Bianca

    I would just love a MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE from Red Velvet NYC. The combo gift set from Master Shave is nice. The Planet Earth Fracture is pretty awesome! And lastly I am loving the yellow Telflora Exclusives! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Brenda

    I like the Teleflora’s Sapphire Skies Bouquet, the Starry Night in the art store at Fracture, the combo gift pack at my master shave and the nutella cupcakes from Red Velvet NYC.. YUM!!

    • theresa

      The Sapphire Skies bouquet sounds beautiful! I’ll have to check it out! Also, I love anything nutella, so I’m sure the cupcakes would be my new favorite dessert.

  3. Raye Social

    How lucky am I to stumble upon this giveaway?! I love the T-bone steak idea even though we’ve given up meat in our household. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Bailey Dexter

    Other than the perfect ones listed above I really like the Teleflora’s Peaceful Zen garden at Teleflora,Almond branches in bloom – Vincent Van Gogh at Fracture, the combo gift pack at Master Shave & the VELVET GIFT SET!

  5. ellen beck

    The My Little Chickadee by Teleflora is awfully cute! It is hard to pick something for a man, but the little bird hugging the vase is sweet as can be! My husband would smile at that!

  6. Shann

    Such great ideas for gifts! I always find that men are harder to buy things for, so this list is really helpful. My husband would love a chainsaw, and I had no idea what type, so thank you for sharing this one. Also, I love photo gifts, and my husband also needs a new pair of running shoes.

  7. CourtneyLynne

    These are some great gift ideas!!!! My daughter and I are getting hubby a tool box for the garage and taking him to a bbq restaurant for dinner πŸ™‚

  8. Susie

    So many great ideas My Man would LOVE!!! He has to shave every morning for work so a nice set would be a great idea!

  9. DJ

    I love the Teleflora Delicious Delights Basket, Misty Morning at Fracture Me, the Combo Gift Set at My Master Shave, and the Wire Cooling Rack at Red Velvet NCY. All of these great gifts are items my hubby would love.

  10. Joanna

    There are some really great ideas in here! Love them:) I need to step up my game and get something for Fathers . day! Haha

  11. Kimberly

    OMGoodness!!! So many great gift ideas to choose from. Thanks so much for sharing this list. I’m having trouble picking a favorite <3

  12. Cheryl

    My favorite items are:
    Teleflora – This Magic Moment Bouquet. Roses are one of my favorite flowers.
    Fracture – Florida Sunset – Jesse Summers. I love the water.
    Master Shave – M-X5 Gift Set (5-blade). More blades cut cleaner.
    Red Velvet NYC – Strawberry Tart
    with Pistachios. Just looking at it makes me hungry.

  13. Julie Waldron

    My favorite items are: Teleflora, Pop Of Fun Bouquet because it’s cheery and simple yet elegant.
    Fracture, Fiery Skies – Jesse Summers because it’s pretty and makes me think of a farm.
    Master Shave, M-X3 Gift Set (3-blade) for my husband because he likes 3 blade razors.
    Red Velvet NYC, Panna Cotta because it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a long time.

  14. Ai

    Great list of gift ideas! That meal from Omaha Steaks is drool-worthy! I would get that for the hubby and the chocolates for me! Haha!

  15. Deborah G.

    Great ideas. I like the nutella cupcakes from Red Velvet NYC, Half Dome Sunset print from Fracture, the Combo Gift Set from My Master Shave, and the Captain Carefree Bouquet from Teleflora!

  16. Molly Kay

    What a great panorama of gift ideas! What I love most about this as a blog entry and gift guide is that, even as I am reading out of one blood-shot eye using a sleep-deprived brain, there is enough of a wonderful balance between text and images that I can follow along and get tons of great ideas. It’s so easy to read! Thanks for this entry!

    • theresa

      Haha, I hope you get some sleep! I really appreciate that you enjoyed the layout of the article. I’m always trying to make it more reader friendly!

    • theresa

      That sounds awesome! I’ve never heard of a double layered pistachio bowl, but all the guys in my life love pistachios. I bet they would love that idea!

  17. Stacy

    Great list! I always have a hard time finding him shorts he’s likes but the ones you mention look great!

    • theresa

      Thanks! If you checked out my Instagram, you can see how they actually fit my husband. He liked them enough to wear them within a week of getting them, so I would say they were a big success! They also still looked nice after washing and drying and didn’t need to be ironed or steamed.

  18. Jenna

    I actually got that pickup truck bouquet for my dad for his birthday this year! It was a huge hit, and could not have fit his personality more perfectly.

    • theresa

      That’s awesome! It’s really cool to hear from someone who ordered it, and that the gift was a huge hit. I wouldn’t usually think of giving flowers to a guy for Father’s Day, but the pickup truck is adorable, and the gesture is super sweet.

  19. Libby

    These are all great ideas! We went with the photo idea and had some professional photos taken of my daughter and i! Hoping they enjoy them!

  20. Kara

    What a cool and unique gift list! I love that I would not think of some of these on my own πŸ™‚

    • theresa

      Yes, they are! These gifts are really simple but spot on for what guys love! Tools, food… can’t go wrong with these! πŸ™‚

  21. Kwame

    Awesome! I usually just give a gift card but I have to admit the personal grooming kit is a great gift idea.

  22. Jenna

    For my giveaway entry: I like the Spiderman – Nicky Barkla print from Fracture because the style of art is so unusual and cool. I like the Combo Gift Set from Mastershave because I can tell it would make a great gift. I love the Regal Orchids arrangement from Teleflora because it’s just elegant and lovely. And I like, well, everything from Red Velvet but I’ll go with the Strawberry tart with Pistachios because om-nom! πŸ™‚

    • theresa

      Yum, a strawberry tart sounds delicious! I learned a lot from you about what I can buy from these companies!

  23. Deb Christie

    Teleflora favorite = Teleflora’s Sapphire Skies Bouquet because I love the simple, elegant blue and white arrangement.

    Fracture favorite = Midsummer Eve – Edward Robert Hughes because I love the light effect from the fairy lanterns.

    Master Shave favorite = M-X5 Gift Set because I think it would give a baby soft cheeked shave.

    Red Velvet NYC favorite = CHOCOLATE PECAN TORTE because I absolutely love chocolate and pecans, especially in baked goods.

  24. Tessa

    Definitely a lot of options! I think food is on the top of my husband’s want list 😊

  25. Donna

    There are good suggestions on this list. Sometimes I find myself at a loss when trying to come up with a gift. Lists like this are helpful.

  26. Alana

    Yes to all of these for my husband (less the tools, I’m the handy woman in the house πŸ˜‚). I’m always looking for good ideas for my hubby and will definitely refer back to this!!!


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