As a fashion savvy, working mom, I am excited to try out a new lunch tote from BuiltNY. I received the Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote in the Dot No. 9 style. I had a difficult time narrowing down the style I wanted because all of the designs looked pretty. I went with the Dot No. 9 pattern because of its simple blue backdrop and vibrantly colorful polka dots. The lunch bag looked professional and fun, which worked great for the workplace.

Lunch Totes Review

Last year as a student teacher, I carried my lunch to school in a plastic bag that never kept my food cold. As I begin a new job as a teacher this year, I have gotten great use out of my new bag. Clearly the lunch tote is made for keeping food cold. Hours after bringing my lunch to work, the food was still cool. Made to insulate for up to four hours, the lunch tote is high quality and durable. The company makes the lunch totes with neoprene, which is the material used in wetsuits. I like that the lunch tote zips to close and has plenty of space for containers.


As I update this article a year later, while moving my articles from Yahoo to Theresa’s Reviews, I’m reflecting about how useful my lunch bag has been. I used the lunch bag for a public school teaching job that I had for the year. Every day at lunch, my food was nice and cool. When I put different size containers into the bag, the items fit well inside. The bag had plenty of room and zipped easily.
Another neat feature was that the lunch tote was stain resistant and machine washable. When the year ended, I tossed the bag in the washing machine. I had been reluctant to machine wash the bag just in case its’ zipper might break. I was pleased with the result of washing the bag. No damage happened. Now, I’ve added several more lunch bags as well as a cool diaper tote to my collection of products from the company.
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I received an item to help inform my writing.

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