How many different lunch containers do you need for the new school year? With a Bentology Bento Kit in the Kitty style, Samantha, my older daughter, has everything she needs for lunch time in kindergarten. It’s a relief she won’t have to be fumbling with several containers, trying to get them to fit back into a lunch box, and getting confused about which lid goes back on which item. The simplicity of the Bento kit makes it a great fit for someone new to the school day. Samantha couldn’t wait to start practicing school with the Bento kit, pretending to be sitting in the cafeteria, and she did an excellent job.

Reviewing Bentology

Inside the Bento kit, the silverware fit perfectly in one part, which solved the problem of how to fit full sized silverware into the small container sizes. I appreciated that the silverware was a stainless steel material, instead of the plastic that you can find on a lot of kids’ silverware made for kids. The stainless steel material was age appropriate for school-aged children. Even though the silverware is smaller than regular silverware, it would still be a fine size for older children.

Although Samantha prefers dogs to cats, she adored the design. On the outer container, the deep, raspberry purple and the cool aqua colors were appealing. The cat was very cool, and it slightly resembled one of Samantha’s favorite children’s book characters, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Another neat feature was that the outer container could easily snap on to kids’ backpacks. Samantha has been concerned about how many bags she’ll have to carry on the bus. The buckle feature simplifies getting to and from school.

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We tried the Bento kit out with a meal to see how everything would fit. Inside, the interior containers created many spaces for storing delicious lunches. For condiments, a small container prevents messy, soaked meals, and it could keep tasty dips fresh. There are two other containers with lids as well as a fourth section that doesn’t have a lid. I found plenty of storage space for a full meal. All of the containers were removable, which was helpful when I needed extra space and an item didn’t require a lid.

Because my daughter enjoys variety, being able to easily prepare a meal with different components also made it simpler for me to get her food ready. Before I even began making the food, I could picture what I was going to put in each part. I was also more motivated to create a well rounded meal. The different components made it easy to picture how to incorporate fruit and vegetables. With a fun design, the Bento box appealed to my daughter and with my help, it encouraged her to eat healthier food.

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