Athleisure has been a fabulous trend for 2016 fashion. This fashion trend serves as a helpful reminder that you can exercise frequently, while looking stylish. Whether you have plenty of time for exercise or are a mom with small kids, like I am, you will find reasons to schedule exercise in your day if you own the right athletic gear. I decided to make exercise a priority as I tried out some summer athletic gear.

Women’s Summer Athletic Gear

Three main styles of shoes are important to have for athletic summer activities. To stay fit, buy high quality walking shoes, water shoes, and running shoes. As a mom, fitting an intense exercise routine in my day is tough. Active living is a big priority to me. I plan exercise around my kids’ schedule, and I encourage them to participate in exercise with me. To prioritize health and fitness, I regularly make lifestyle choices based on my healthy living ideals.

Daily I wear shoes that are perfect for walking so I can take advantage of every opportunity to be active. High maintenance espadrilles and wedges look fantastic, but they aren’t practical for long walks. Instead, shop for walking sandals. Chaco sandals have a fun, casual look that works for the poolside and for get togethers, while also offering the support necessary for athletic endeavors. These sandals have an excellent fit that works well for any active occasion.

I have worn Chaco sandals similar to the Z/Cloud X2 pair since I was in college. Chacos have been there for trips I’ve taken to go kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking, visiting waterfalls, and more. I have worn a similar style as I explored the terrain of a number of states in my college years, and I was always impressed with how well the sandals lasted.

The pair I tried out were perfect for an active lifestyle. I loved that the sandals were easy to wash off when they got muddy from working in the yard. After swimming all day, I could easily slide my feet in and out and walk home. The sandals gave me ankle and arch support so I could be active in any occasion.

Women's Summer Athletic Gear - Featuring @chacos, @bzeesofficial, and @recoverbrands - on Theresa's Reviews - Found on

A few readers have been finding Theresa’s Reviews after searching Google, “Are kids’ Chacos as good as adult Chacos?” The answer is, absolutely! Samantha and I love going out in matching styles of sandals. She was at first confused by how to work the straps, and she likes having help tightening the sandals. Once the sandals are on and I’ve tightened them, they work great on her! I like that the sandals fit close to her feet and are still comfortable after they get wet. Last year, she wore the Outcross style, but this strappy sandal style is perfect because they look as good as they feel.

Check out my most recent post on my Instagram page about our awesome Chacos sandals.

@chacofootwear has the cutest sandals for moments like today, the first day of swim practice of summer 2016. #chaconation #chacoswag

@chacofootwear has the cutest sandals for moments like today, the first day of swim practice of summer 2016. #chaconation #chacoswag

While the sandals are perfect for long days swimming laps at the pool, you might prefer something more sturdy for outdoor activities in the water. From Bzees shoes, I tried out the Wink Water Shoes in a beautiful light blue. I loved that the bright color brought a summery look to my outfit. These shoes are as pretty as they are practical. I wore these during a torrential downpour, and I liked that the shoes stayed lightweight even after they got wet. These shoes would be perfect for bringing to the beach for long hikes. You can quickly slide the shoes on and off, and you can rinse them off easily.

Women's Summer Athletic Gear - Featuring @chacos, @bzeesofficial, and @recoverbrands - on Theresa's Reviews - Found on

Running shoes are important to your exercise regimen as well. Buy durable, supportive running shoes. When you find a pair you love, stick with that style and brand. I have an old pair of bright pink Newton Running shoes that I’ve worn since 2013. Since these running shoes are made from a durable all-weather upper material, they are perfect for days when there is occasional rain. I love that these shoes offer support so I don’t injure myself when I run.

These two styles of shoes – sandals, water shoes, and running shoes – will get you through many athletic occasions this summer.

Comfortable shirts made out of high quality fabric are another must-have for active women in the summer. Buy tee-shirts that are made with performance in mind. One of my favorite tee-shirts this summer is the Blank Dry Tee from Recover. This tee-shirt is made from the softest material, and it has a loose-fit structure without looking baggy. With such a pretty and bright color, the shirt matches most of my shorts, pants, and leggings.

A neat fact about this tee-shirt is that it is made from recycled material! Eight plastic bottles and recycled cotton can make one tee-shirt. It’s neat to be able to reuse recycled material to create a garment, especially because clothing can create a lot of waste in the world.

Women's Summer Athletic Gear - Featuring @chacos, @bzeesofficial, and @recoverbrands - on Theresa's Reviews - Found on

I wore this tee-shirt on several occasions, including while out for a run with Georgiana. I thought that wearing this shirt worked really well for me, even on such a hot day. When I put the shirt on, I was amazed at how comfortable I felt. I loved that I continued to feel comfortable while running, even after staying out for a whole hour. Since the fabric looked so nice, this shirt also worked well for casual occasions. Check out the fit and style of the shirt in this photo I took.

Women's Summer Athletic Gear - Featuring @chacos, @bzeesofficial, and @recoverbrands - on Theresa's Reviews - Found on

Another shirt I tried out was the River Eddy Tee from Chaco. I loved the simple blue faded color and relaxed style that this shirt had. Although the fit was spacious, the shirt shrunk a little after washing it the first time. The fabric was very breathable. I liked that this shirt made me feel very comfortable moving around so I could run, do yoga, and do other activities without feeling constrained. The swirling design was uncomplicated yet compelling.

Women's Summer Athletic Gear - Featuring @chacos, @bzeesofficial, and @recoverbrands - on Theresa's Reviews - Found on

Staying active on a regular basis is a key component to healthy living. With comfortable athletic gear that look as good as they feel, you can develop a strong workout regimen for the summer. Exercise can happen anywhere, including the great outdoors, especially in the summer when the weather is nice. Dress for a healthy lifestyle, and and your fitness routine will easily fall into place.

What is your favorite athletic gear for the summer? Share in the comments!


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    Love finding new fitness wear that is great and comfortable. When you wear it frequently it is so important. So important getting the kids involved! The sandals look great for little kids feet too. 🙂

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    Those sandals look perfect, wish I had them during my trip to Thailand! I love wearing hats in the summer, protects my skin & hair, while still looking fab!

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