With Fruit-full Kids dinner plates, kids get a lesson on morality with every meal. As a certified teacher, I like to find teachable moments in everything. Giving children an understanding of Christian values is one of the most important things parents can do to raise a child right. Learning character matters, but often teachers don’t focus on it at school. Because teaching character often falls to the parent, imparting wisdom and love in children is the key to child rearing and making a difference in your child’s future. To try out the plates and to see whether they really helped my children better understand Christian values, I tried out the Love, Peace and Joy set.

Fruit-full Kids Review

Something lovely about the plates was their bright, vibrant colors. The style and design of the plates caught my children’s attention. Each plate was unique in its coloring so the plates colors contrasted each other instead of matching each other. Bright red and yellow and soft blue made the items stand out and look beautiful.  On the plates, the colors and pictures fit well with the meaning of each saying.

Fruit-full Kids

Because the plates had such great coloring, they had a lovely new look. The items were shiny and had a beautiful finish. Old children’s plates in my cupboard looked faded in comparison. I could tell that the plates were sturdy. After using the items for over a week, I noticed that the dishes held up very well. Even after putting the items in the dishwasher, the items still looked great.

My kids were also very fascinated with the plates. Although the girls argued at first over who got the heart plate, they loved the other pictures just as much. When plating my children’s dinner on the plates, I noticed that my children seemed calmer. I liked that the visuals on the plates were as soothing as the words. The words were also a great starting point for conversations with my kids about why being nice to other people matters. Especially after the kids were arguing with each other, sending them a message about the value of love, peace and joy was rewarding. My children were eager to discuss the plates’ meaning.

While using the plates, I found them to be high quality and durable. Their style and design was excellent. My children and I all liked the look of the items. In the future, I will plan to continue using the plates with both of my girls. To learn more, you can contact the company via Facebook and Twitter.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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