My daughter Samantha has been a huge fan of Soft Clothing since last year when we discovered the brand. Last year, I wrote a review of the clothing line in an article when I spent a gorgeous day outside photographing Samantha in a very artsy, comfortable dress. This year, I was thrilled to see beautiful, bright color choices and feminine patterns in the new line of clothes. Because of my background of having worked in the fashion industry, I examined the clothes’ style and fit to look at the latest children’s fashion trends.

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Children’s Fashion Trends Review

While examining the outfit, I felt that the clothes fit with the latest spring 2014 children’s fashion trends. My daughter was very satisfied with the style, which means a lot since she often refers to herself as “Style Sammy.” Heading to church, my daughter wore a bright pink shirt with a Poodle on it as well as a floral patterned skirt, which she paired with some tights and lavender shoes. As Samantha noticed some appreciative glances from church goers, she beamed. The clothes were obviously adorable and age appropriate.

Years ago I attended Mass in Rome as well as in Florence, where the nuns will come up to you and cover your shoulders if you wear tank tops. My experience in Italy has taught me to always dress conservatively in church. I was really happy to see that the Soft Clothing company had conservative outfits for little girls. With my daughter’s shoulders covered, she looked like a sweet, churchgoing girl. I liked that the skirt was an appropriate length and looked great with tights. Even though the skirt had a little growing room, the shirt was long enough to keep my daughter’s tummy covered very well.

During Mass, I was very nervous because Samantha usually would go to Sunday school, but her classes had ended for summer. Teaching my daughter to sit through Mass and to pray quietly was a hard skill to teach to a very active preschooler. Luckily, my daughter was very comfortable in her outfit and she didn’t complain once. When Mass ended and we headed to get donuts and coffee, Samantha had a blast racing her friends, which showed how the clothes had a great fit for active children. In the future, I plan to continue to use the cute outfit through the spring and summer, and possibly even through the fall and winter with some layers.

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