Using quality products with my baby, Georgiana, is important to me because she deserves soft fabric that feels good on her skin. As a previous photo assistant on editorial and fashion photo shoots, I am a very visual person, so I am always looking for decorative children’s items to make the house look sweet and innocent for my youngest. A few weeks ago, watching my baby outgrow her Pac N Play, I realized that I needed a cute way to keep my baby happy without restraining her since she could walk and move so well. LaLaLounger children’s floor cushion met all my needs for the development of my 1 year old. The lounger was so comfortable and so was the burp cloth, which became my daughter’s favorite thing to hold as she napped. 

Review of the Children’s Floor Cushion

Regarding the style of the product, I loved how the vibrant pink and the subtle, infantile pattern spruced up the room. Both of my girls adored the color. Instantly the product lit up the dark living room. When transported across the house using the simple fabric handles on the side, the product made the play room look alive and full of joy. While evaluating the style of the product, my background as a teacher and homeschooling mom helped reveal how useful the product was.

Children's floor cushion

Developmentally, Georgiana was at a point where she needed freedom to develop more independence. As my daughter became more eager to explore the world around her, she was more resistant to any child’s product that restrained her to one location. What I liked about the lounger was that it was so comfortable that my daughter didn’t want to go explore the whole house. Cuddling the soft pillow sides, my little girl rested and held her burp cloth as a blankie without a complaint. When nap time was over, my daughter was content to hold her toys and sit there for quite some time. The product was so comfortable that the whole family wanted to lay there to play with the baby.

Children's burp cloth

After trying the lounger out for a couple weeks, I was thrilled to welcome it to my home. All of my family members wanted to share some space on the lounger during read alouds of books and during television time. I could envision it being a product that would grow with my daughter as she gets older. In the future, the burp cloth would also grow with my daughter as one of her items she would insist on sleeping with during nap time through her preschool years. I intend to continue using the products regularly and I couldn’t be happier with the many benefits that the items brought to my family.

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Children's floor cushion


I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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