Today, I have the unique opportunity to sample children’s clothing from around the world. Sometimes I only get to sample American children’s clothing brands that are inspired by other countries, but on the best occasions I get to actually see what fashionable children in other countries choose to wear. 

Review of the Kids’ Clothing

I grew up traveling and attending international schools, so I like to instill a sense of worldliness in my daughters. Sampling some items from UK-based Waddler, a boutique kids’ clothing company, gave me the chance to have a discussion with my daughters about where the United Kingdom was, while we played with the fun designs.

Trying Out The Outfits On A Warm, Summer Day

I received a Cotton Pierrot Boat Print Shirt in a 4T for my older daughter and a Cotton Shrimper jumpsuit in a 1-2T for my younger daughter. Matching my daughters in the same print was cute. Even though the outfits were completely different styles, the pattern was the same. I liked that the shirt that I reviewed had a proper, preppy design with the formal collar as well as a wild and free look from the bright green, bird print. Looking at the fun bird print, I could see a large influence from South America, which was where the company shot their photographs on location in Brazil.

While trying out the clothes, I took my daughters to church. Because the outfits had a pristine, white color, I didn’t want my children to get the clothes dirty wearing them to play outside. Church was a safe location where dirt was unlikely to create damage to the clothes. On the way out the door, I let my younger daughter down for a second when she squatted on her knees and she got tiny specks of dark dirt on the jumpsuit. Disappointed, I thought the clothes would have dirt on them forever. White clothes can be a difficult choice for children, even though white looks so cute. When I got home after church, I tried a stain remover before washing the jumpsuit. I was thrilled that the stain remover completely removed the stain and the item looked like new again.

Another thing that I liked about the style was that both items could work well in colder seasons. My older daughter’s shirt had long sleeves, which would be nice for fall. In the summer, the item worked well because the fabric was light. I thought the shirt was a practical choice for back to school shoppers because the item could work for most months of the year. The jumpsuit could also work in colder weather if it was layered over a long sleeve top.

Regarding the fit of the clothes, the shirt fit comfortably on my older daughter. Buttons on the back of the neck left enough room for my daughter to move comfortably. Even though the shirt had a formal design with a peter pan collar, it was comfortable enough to wear playing. My younger daughter’s jumpsuit was a little long on her. Because the jumpsuit was a size 1-2T, I would say that the sizing will be just right when my daughter, who is 15 months, is closer to 2 years old. In the future, I will look forward to using both items often as the style is adorably cool.

Learn more at the company’s website. 

Photo of two girls in Waddler kids' clothing.

Photo of a girl in Waddler kids' clothing.

Photo of two girls in Waddler kids' clothing.

Photo of a girl in Waddler kids' clothing.

Photo of a girl in Waddler kids' clothing.

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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