Naartjie Kids Children’s Clothes Review

When I was a child, I traveled the world with my family for my father’s job as a physician. When I walked the streets of Milan, Italy at age 10, I dreamt of being a fashion designer. Now, as I reviewed Naartjie Kids children’s clothes, the outfits reminded me of the worldly experiences I had when I was a child. Because I used to volunteer in the fashion industry, I examined the style, fit, and practicality of the clothes. I was excited to discover that the brand was one of my favorite styles for summer 2014.

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Georgiana in her bathing suit.

Review of the Children’s Clothes

My daughters were so grateful for the pink children’s clothes. Samantha, my older daughter, received the Macaw Floral Tank with Mixed Print Inset in the Pearly color and the Applique, Embroidered & Bead Trimmed Shorts in the Sereia color as well as the Macaw Floral Wide Headband. The headband was great for hot summer weather when my daughter would need her hair out of her eyes to play safely. Georgiana, my toddler, tried out the Tie Dye Look Skirted Swimsuit with Snaps in the Pearly color as well as some pink clogs. As a certified teacher, I loved encouraging my children to embrace different cultures and to develop a sense of worldliness. The style had a bohemian look that was very fashionable.

Children's clothes photo

Samantha in her outfit.

Wearing the outfits to play in the yard, my daughters looked so comfortable. I felt that the fit on most items was true to size. Samantha’s shorts fit her perfectly with a little space for growth. Because Samantha’s a pretty slim girl, the tank top was a little loose so she layered it with a cardigan. Later, when Samantha wore the tank top again, she put a bright pink tight tank top on underneath to make the outfit more modest. Georgiana’s bathing suit left plenty of room for growth without sagging or falling off her shoulders, which was great for a growing toddler. The pink clogs that Georgiana tried were a baby size 5 but were too big for her, while they may fit better in the fall.

Children's shoes

While trying out the clothes, I let my older daughter wear her shorts and tank top to run errands. Samantha was really proud to wear the new outfit. Because the shorts had a beautiful beaded design, the clothes had a look that made my daughter feel special. When we returned home, I washed both outfits in the washing machine and dried them in the dryer. I was happy that the clothes reacted well to the washer and dryer, with no damage to the beaded design at all. In the future, I will be excited to have my daughters wear the clothes through the summer and early fall as well as to check in for warmer styles next winter.

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Children's clothes

Both girls enjoyed their children’s clothes.


I received free clothes to help inform my writing.

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