Have you ever tried to button up a baby’s pajamas and been completely confused about how to button up the clothes while the baby was squirming? Consider a children’s clothing company Magnificent Baby, who has a unique solution. Put away the slippery buttons and hard to snap closures and replace them with magnetic clothes! When I heard about magnetic baby clothes, I thought the company must be mad as I imagined long, hard pieces of magnets inside the clothing. Even though I initially thought magnetic clothes sounded silly, I later found out that trying the product out completely converted me to want all of my baby’s clothes to be magnetic.

Photo of baby clothing

Review of the Baby Clothing

I received a purple baby girl Sundress & Bloomer set. I considered the outfit’s style because of my background of having interned in the fashion industry and volunteered for runway shows years ago. Now, this spring, some colors that are in fashion are bright, bold, and vibrant. I liked that the purple color fit with the latest trends. When I examined the fit of the outfit, I noticed that the armholes were a little long, so I paired the halter dress with an undershirt. To take my daughter out on a chilly day, I replaced the adorable ruffly bloomers with some long black pants and a cardigan. The purple halter dress added a beautiful splash of color to the outfit. Later, my baby wore the bloomers, which fit perfectly.

Photo of baby clothing

Another reason I loved the baby clothing was the magnetic closure on the halter dress. On the back of the dress, the neckline closed with magnets instead of buttons. I was intrigued by the simplicity of magnetic closures and I looked forward to putting the outfit on again after it went through the wash. Joking with my husband, I told him that the clothing idea was dad -proof because he always says he doesn’t understand kid clothes. My husband actually agreed that the clothes were an awesome idea. The magnetic closures were light, small, unnoticeable and the magnets didn’t look uncomfortable for the baby at all.

While reviewing the Sundress & Bloomer set, also I received the pink Birch Raincoat for my preschooler. Later in the week when I took my daughters to get photographs made with the Easter Bunny, the pastel pink color went wonderfully with my older daughter’s light purple dress, white cardigan, and silver shoes. The coloring and design of the coat was age appropriate, casual and stylish. My daughter had so much fun being able to close her coat with the buttons. Usually my daughter would have needed me to button up her coats, and she was so proud to develop her independence and confidence.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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