Looking for a small accessory to fit perfectly in an Easter basket? Last summer, I reviewed Babiators sunglasses and I liked the style, quality, and celebrity endorsement. Now, when I heard that the company had a new polarized line, I excitedly tried the glasses out with my kids. Polarized lenses provided many health benefits. Because I only wanted the best, most healthy products for my daughters, I knew that polarized lenses could help reduce glare and minimize the effects of sunlight on the eyes. With my history of working in the fashion industry, I was interested in the style, which seemed very appropriate for spring.

Photo of the sunglasses

Review of the Polarized Sunglasses

I received a white polarized pair of sunglasses for my baby. I was really impressed with the gorgeous case for the white pair. My baby’s sunglasses came in a hard white case with a clip for easy carrying and it came in a very nice hard white box. As the product felt very sturdy, I had no concern about the quality. My baby threw the sunglasses on immediately and acted like a ham strutting around wearing her new accessory.


As my daughter tried out the sunglasses, she wore them playing outside as well as on some errands. My daughter enjoyed wearing the glasses as shown by how she didn’t try to take them off of her head. My daughter looked much more comfortable in the sun. When my daughter wore the glasses in the car, I felt that she was much happier because the sun wasn’t in her eyes. Regarding the style of the glasses, the design on the side of the glasses was very unique and stylish. This spring, bold colors are in fashion, so the bright designs were very fashionable. White went well with my daughter’s clothes and looked in season for the warmer months.


While I wholeheartedly would recommend the white polarized pair, I also received a purple pair of sunglasses that weren’t polarized for my older daughter, that I would also recommend. My older daughter calls herself “Style Sammy,” so a recommendation from her means a lot! Samantha loved pairing the product with her favorite dresses for a formal look as well as with jeans for a casual look. Both pairs of sunglasses were very durable, which was critical for a children’s product. In the next few years, I have no doubt that my children will get plenty of use from the sunglasses.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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