Seam Collection children’s clothing is created by designer Cindy Estes, who has the clothes manufactured locally in the United States. I was immediately struck by the beauty of the clothes, which looked upscale and fashionable on the designer’s website. When I received two free children’s outfits in the mail for my little ones, I felt as though I was receiving an item from a personal acquaintance instead of someone I had only been in email correspondence with for a couple days. Clothes came wrapped in nice tissue paper, which made me feel that I had received a beautiful gift! For my 3 year old daughter, the company sent me the mary corduroy shirt in amethyst and the catie velvet pant that together retail for $128. Surprisingly, the company gave me an extra outfit for my youngest daughter Georgiana, who received the maryann/rose cotton outfit that retails for $98. I wrote a review after my children wore the clothes for over a week.


Review of the Children’s Clothes

Because I have a background of volunteering at runway shows as well as interning for lifestyle and fashion photographers, I was very interested in the style of the clothes. When I was younger, I traveled the world and lived in other countries, including a summer in an apartment in Florence, Italy, and four years living at the Caltex oil camp in Sumatra, Indonesia. I loved the worldly look that the clothes had. To me, the designs looked bohemian, upscale and casual. The fabric used to make the clothing was impressively soft and lightweight without being too thin for winter. The clothing had a style that was fashionable and not fussy. Even though I felt that I could picture the clothing in a children’s runway show, the clothes didn’t sacrifice comfortability for style.

children's clothes photo

My daughters in the children’s clothes

As a mom, I’m always looking for practicality with splurge items. I was impressed with the clothes. My children were able to move around comfortably. I’m always concerned about my children’s happiness in the clothes they wear. I loved the fit of the clothing, which left plenty of room for comfortability. I liked that the shirts had some stretch at the waistline and the pants had some stretch at the waistband. My baby had a blast crawling around the playroom. My older daughter ran around the house after her little sister and moved around with ease. Later in the week my baby wore her outfit to visit with the grandparents, who exclaimed how much they liked the designs. I could tell that my children had plenty of room to wear the clothes for the next year. The fit of the clothes was very giving for my growing children. I’m excited to have a beautiful set of clothes for my daughters to wear over the holidays for photos and family gatherings.


When my older daughter Samantha wanted to take a free sample modeling class at a local modeling agency, I knew she needed to dress appropriately. As my daughter prepared to leave our house, she was practicing her singing and dancing when she asked to wear something that was pretty but not too fancy. I understood that my daughter wanted to be comfortable and stylish. I knew that the clothing was right for the occasion. When my daughter and I arrived, she received compliments on how adorable she looked, which I knew in part was because of her beautiful outfit. My daughter had a blast trying out different emotions on camera, learning to introduce herself, and walking on the runway. When an instructor asked if my daughter had ever walked in a runway before, she had to say no, but hopefully some day in the future – if she still enjoys modeling – she can use all she learned in class to walk for a designer as talented at the owner of Seam Collection!

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Girl in the children's clothes

Samantha in the children’s clothes

I received two outfits to help inform my writing.

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