Earlier this year I have reviewed an adult woman’s Alice in Wonderland T-shirt, which inspired me recently to do a read aloud of the book Alice in Wonderland to my 4-year-old. As a teacher, I’m a huge fan of any company that encourages literacy development. My background as a language arts teacher and a professional writer helps me in my review of some toddler clothing from the Out of Print company with the book cover of Pride and Prejudice on it for my younger baby Georgiana. 

Review of the Toddler Clothing

While naming my daughter the name Georgiana, the book Pride and Prejudice played a large role in my name choice. When I was pregnant, I read Pride and Prejudice. When my husband suggested the name Georgiana, it was fresh on my mind from the book. Because my daughter’s name was in part based on the name of the character Georgiana Darcy, I was eager to keep the Pride and Prejudice shirt as a memento for years to come. The style of the shirt was proper and beautiful, which are adjectives that I would also use to describe the name “Georgiana.”

Toddler clothing

Clearly, the shirt made Georgiana happy.

While reviewing the toddler T-shirt, I was very impressed with the softness of the fabric. For a new shirt, the fabric was surprisingly supple and not stiff at all. The fabric felt slightly worn in, which made its comfort superb. When I reviewed the Alice in Wonderland T-shirt, the comfort was my favorite thing about the shirt. After wearing my adult T-shirt shirt for months, I’m still so happy with the softness of the fabric, which feels as comforting as reading a favorite book feels. I could tell that my daughter would be satisfied to wear the shirt for playing and sleeping.

Toddler clothing

Georgiana in her shirt

Regarding the fit of the shirt, I liked that the size 2T toddler clothing fit a little big on my 13 month old baby. I loved that the shirt would fit my daughter very well as she continued to grow into it. After washing the shirt, it kept its shape and size very well. I paired the shirt with some plain black pants and my daughter looked very smart and hip as she played the piano. During the next year, I’m so glad my daughter will continue to wear the shirt, and I’m certain she’ll keep it as a keepsake forever. In the future, I plan on turning the t-shirt into a quilt so my daughter can keep her namesake T-shirt when she’s older.

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I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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