As I began a transition year of being a mom of two under age four, and starting my first year teachingLems Women’s Walking Shoes in Sweet Jane Black were the right pair of shoes for me. I needed an item that was comfortable and practical, and I wanted shoes that could be dressed up or dressed down for different occasions. Picking the right pair of shoes was important to me. Years before, I was a fashionista attending and volunteering for runway shows, schmoozing with people working for magazines, and meeting designers. Now, when I became a mom and went into teaching, I had to trade high heels for shoes that were more reasonable. I wrote a review to examine the practicality, fit and style of the walking shoes.


Review of the Walking Shoes

My first test with the walking shoes was to wear them in the yard. My 3 1/2 year old daughter Samantha wanted to photograph me wearing the shoes by our shed. Trekking across our yard helped me notice that the fit of the shoes was comfortable. I thought the shoes ran a little bit big – maybe half a size – but the strap helped make the fit of the shoes right. For my daughter’s photo, I tried out the shoes with leggings and a dress. Even though I was being outdoors, walking in the yard, I liked that the shoes paired well with my nicer clothes too, which made them appropriate for work.

Later I wore the shoes for Thanksgiving with my extended family. I liked that the shoes looked nice for pictures and had a casual style. Because my family is a very relaxed group, I felt that my style fits in well. I wore the shoes paired with black socks and black pants. When the group decided to go on an afternoon hike, I was happy that I was dressed appropriately. Even though the shoes were very new, I was able to hike comfortably without giving the shoes time to wear in, and I didn’t get any blisters or soreness.

Regarding the style of the shoes, I felt that the shoes would fit with a laid back, casual, and outdoorsy look. Because I liked the style of Mary Jane shoes, but couldn’t wear heels regularly, I appreciated the design of the shoes. I didn’t exactly feel like a fashion model, but I don’t need to in my everyday life. The shoes had excellent comfort. As the shoes were a tiny bit big, I could easily slip my feet into the shoes without having to do the strap. I wore the shoes regularly and planned to continue wearing them to work and for the holidays. Hopefully in the future, I will sample other styles of shoes from the company, as I honestly enjoyed trying the pair I received.

women's walking shoes

I received a free pair of shoes, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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