My life experiences have helped me become a fashionista with a love of the outdoors. Nature-inspired fashion is a trend that I hugely love. While I researched women’s fashion for summer 2014, I discovered a new product from Soft Star Shoes. Generally the company specializes in comfortable, outdoor shoes and are made with practicality in mind. As I have a background in fashion, I liked that the new Solstice sandals had a bohemian style that could work with a large variety of outfits. Wearing the shoes over a couple weeks helped me learn how the product was made with not only fashion in mind, but also comfort and practicality.

Review of the Women’s Sandals

Nature-inspired fashion is timeless. Years ago, as I sat in the audience of New York Fashion Week speaking to an employee of Vogue, I remember learning that Africa-inspired, safari styles were not going out of fashion for a very long time. Now, while trying out my new shoes, I could envision them fitting in with the latest trends for summer 2014. The sandals could go with the safari look as well as the bohemian look. Personally, my style is slightly conservative with a hint of bohemian. Generally, I avoid anything over the top or eccentric, so the shoes fit great into my more conservative style. I was happy that the shoes looked great with a pair of slim-fitting jeans as well as with my long, flowing blue skirt. In the weeks that I tried the shoes, I found opportunities to wear them to church and out to eat with my husband.

While the style fits me very well, I was very impressed with the shoe’s comfort. To properly size the shoes, I went down a size and a half. I loved the fit. Sandals shouldn’t be too big or they look silly. Wearing a size 7 instead of an 8.5, I was happy with how my feet reached the end of the sandals without spilling out the end.

Wearing the appropriate size, I was so happy with other aspects that made the shoes incredibly comfortable. Leather material used to make the shoes was supple. My feet felt cradled in the shoes. On the bottom of the shoes, the rubber sole provided a soft relaxing feel. The shoes’ design left space for the breeze to come in and cool me off when I was outside. Amazingly, I didn’t need to wear the shoes in at all for them to offer the best comfort.

Wearing the shoes, I liked the simplicity of the design. I was comfortable lounging around my home and spending time with my kids. Also, the shoes’ design looked nice when dressed up with a fashionable blouse and hip jeans or a frilly skirt. Regarding the shoes’ versatility, I paired the shoes with different wardrobe options very successfully. In the future, I plan to continue wearing my sandals to various events as well as to fulfill my more practical duties as a mom.

To purchase the shoes, visit the company’s website. 

Woman wearing the women's sandals

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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