My oldest daughter recently tried out a pair of Soft Star shoes in the classic style with velcro. Because I knew kids love shoes that sparkle, I picked out the shiny bronze color. I could see how the closed toe style of shoes would keep my daughter warm in winter, and I felt that the light design of the shoes could work in summer. After the shoes arrived, I told my daughter that Santa’s elves had sent her an early gift because she had been so good. Before, when I ordered the shoes, I honestly received an e-mail sent from The Elves to confirm the order. I felt that my Santa story was not too far fetched!

Review of the Soft Star Shoes

When my mail arrived, my daughter had a hunch something was in the box for her, and her eyes shined brightly  when she opened the package and found the shoes. Immediately my daughter begged to put on the shoes and to wear them outside with her pink and gold sparkly dress and a purple coat. I loved that the shoes fit easily onto my daughter’s feet. Because my daughter is only 3 1/2 years old, she loved being able to show independence getting the shoes on and off without help. Velcro made the shoes have a convenient design for young preschoolers still learning how to tie shoelaces.


While wearing the shoes in the yard, my daughter moved with ease. I was glad the shoes fit so well. Before ordering the shoes, I thought my daughter was a size 9. Luckily, the company made sizing my daughter’s shoes easy to do. I was grateful the company made sizing the shoes simple. I would have ordered a size too small if I hadn’t sized the shoes. I printed out a sizing sheet for size 10. After having my daughter put her feet on the sizing sheet, I could tell that my daughter’s feet would fit well in the size 10. I liked that the sizing sheet helped me determine whether my daughter’s feet were wide or narrow, as the company would have sent shoes to fit her specific needs. When I received a size 10 pair of shoes, I was pleased to see that the shoes honestly did fit her perfectly. The shoes fit comfortably with thick sock as well as with thin tights and with no socks.


Later in the week, my daughter wore the shoes to a Thanksgiving meal with extended family. I liked that the shoes worked well for a mid-afternoon hike. Paired with jeans, the shoes looked hip, comfortable, and casual. As I have a background of volunteering in runway shows and interning for fashion photographers, I examined the style of the shoes. I thought the shoes looked adorable with leggings and skinny jeans as well as with dresses. I liked that my daughter could dress the shoes up or down for different occasions. The style was casual and laid back for outdoor play and could look nicer for church and family gatherings. My mini hipster daughter loved the shoes and looked stylish for holiday photos. When the Thanksgiving afternoon outdoor play was over, my daughter didn’t want to take the shoes off when she came inside the house because she loved wearing them. Because I wholeheartedly liked my daughter’s shoes, I hope to try an adult pair of shoes from the company in the future.

For more information, visit the company on Facebook and Twitter.

I received a free pair of shoes to help inform my writing.


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