Do dads really want another tie for Father’s Day? Give a gift that is practical for the adventurous dad in your life. As the daughter of an Emergency Room physician, I picked out the Shock Light 2 shoes from Sperry Top-Sider for the holiday, noticing that the black and blue style would compliment my dad’s blue work scrubs. My background of previously choosing wardrobes for photo shoots and movie sets helped qualify me to choose the shoes for someone else to wear. I examined the style of shoes to ensure that the look would fit with my dad’s look because most people like what they wear to fit with their personal style. To best write a review, I had my husband try out a blue and white pair and I gave a different pair, a black and gray pair, to my dad as a Father’s Day present.


Review of the Shoes

Choosing the pair for my dad was simple. Because my dad was outdoorsy, I was happy that the shoes were ideal for working in the garden outside in the summer. As the shoes had a very light feel, they could be worn without socks. Clearly the shoes’ material would breathe very well in any weather. Guys love being able to throw on a pair of shoes last minute without digging through drawers to find a matching pair of socks. With an adjustable bungee, the sneakers were simple to throw on to go run a last minute errand, to get the mail, or to have a spontaneous adventure.

Obviously the company specializes in boat shoes, so I was excited to hear how the shoes would work in or near the water. For my dad, the shoes were excellent for him to hike by the creek that borders his retirement home. To my husband, the sneakers offered excellent stability for hiking near the Harpeth River that runs near our house. Hearing some feedback, I learned that the shoes had a very effective feature that reduced slippage on wet surfaces, which was great for walking across the creek to skip rocks.

Regarding the fit of the shoes, the style looks smaller than most shoes. Initially I tried a size that was half a size smaller than what my husband would wear, assuming that the product ran large, but the shoes were much too small. For my dad, I chose a style that was half a size bigger than what he would usually wear. With a first glance at the shoes, my mom said that she thought the shoes would be too small, even though they were half a size larger than what my dad would wear. After trying on the shoes and wearing them, my dad said that the fit was perfect and the shoes were very nice.

As an experienced shopper with a background in writing hundreds of product reviews, I felt that the shoes were an excellent gift for the holiday. Obviously the sneakers were really practical, which is what my dad wanted in the gift he received. After wearing the shoes to the river, my dad was happy that they dried quickly so he didn’t have to walk home with wet sneakers. With a lightweight design, the shoes had a great feel that encouraged my dad to be active, while wearing them. In the future, my father will be excited to wear the shoes when he goes boating, kayaking and canoeing.

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I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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