I’ve always had a hard time choosing excellent gifts for my husband. As a freelancer writing online content, I’ve written dozens of articles about best gift ideas, but finding a meaningful gift is always difficult for me. When I found the Map My State company online, I realized the products could make a nice sentimental gift for my husband for the holidays and would possibly double as a super early Valentine’s Day gift. Because I’ve always loved traveling, I liked the company’s idea of printing maps of states on objects. I picked out two coffee mugs, and I wrote a review to examine the quality of the products as well as how the items worked as an early holiday gift.

Review of the Personalized Mugs

Because I wanted to memorialize the two states where my husband and I have lived, I chose a mug of Florida and a mug of Tennessee. My husband and I met in Tennessee, lived in Florida for about two years, and moved back to Tennessee around 2010. I was excited that the company could personalize the mugs to be a specific color as well as to have specific cities. I added St. Augustine and Ormond Beach to the Florida Mug that I made blue for the ocean. I added Kingston Springs, our current home, to the Tennessee Mug. As a Vanderbilt graduate, I went with black for the Tennessee mug to show support for my team, which had the colors black and gold.

My husband was really impressed with the personalization, and he liked that the company added cities that were meaningful to us. Honestly, the mugs wouldn’t have meant much without the specific cities where we had lived. I liked that the company made an effort to put the cities in the correct geographical region of the state. Because I had to point out where the cities we had lived in were on the map, the personalization was a nice surprise for my husband and made the items very special. Obviously the gift helped show that I do have a romantic and sentimental side.

After using the mugs for a week, I was very satisfied with the quality. Washing the mugs with a sponge and soap as well as in the dishwasher didn’t make the color fade. Personally, I liked the size of the mugs. Some of my other mugs are gigantic and some are tiny. The mugs I received were the right size for a good morning cup of coffee. Because I gave the mugs as a gift to my significant other, we’ve been sharing the mugs in the morning. In the future, I plan to add on to my collection of mugs whenever my husband and I move, and I might purchase the wall prints to add to the decor in my home.

Map My State Mugs

I received two free items, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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Theresa has been writing since 2010 in magazines and online. Her lifestyle and parenting expertise has been featured in publications, including ShopSmart and Scholastic. She earned an M.Ed in Elementary Education from Vanderbilt as well as a BA in History from Flagler College, and she is a certified teacher.

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