Months ago, I covered Livie & Luca kids’ shoes in an article “Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Family” for Model Life Magazine‘s 2014 Love Issue. In the article, I explained that the FunDot style of kids’ shoes was a festive gift idea for girls because of the glittery heart cutout accents, colorful buttons, and the leaf green lining. Now, I’m writing a follow up article about the company’s Pio Pio Lavender shoes on the Wavy sole. As I previously played a role as a model in a 6-time award winning short movie Look (2009), currently I enjoyed reviewing kids’ fashions and evaluating the style of the kids’ shoes.

Kids' shoes photo

Samantha in her kids’ shoes

Review of the Kids’ Shoes

While I tried out the shoes, I evaluated the design. I liked the beautiful bird, which made my daughter Samantha smile in excitement. Buttons on the strap looked youthful and reminded me of the arts and crafts that both of my daughters loved to do. The style was simple and fun. All of the reasons I liked the shoes were reasons that my daughter recognized as important to her when I asked her what she liked about them.

“What do you like about your shoes?” I said to my daughter.

“I like them because they look pretty. Because they are purple and have a bird on them.” Samantha said.

To try the shoes out, we took a trip to the mall for fun. Because Pantone rated Radiant Orchid, a light purple, as the most fashionable color of the Spring 2014 season, I found plenty of clothes to match the shoes. My daughter grinned as she enthusiastically walked around the mall. Walking in the new shoes caused no friction on her feet. The product had comfort and a practicality that worked great for an active child.

Leaving the mall, my daughter and I stopped by the grocery store, which was an errand that I often dreaded making with the kids. Walking down the aisles with my preschooler sitting in my cart, I awaited the temper tantrum that often had happened when my daughter got bored in the past. During our trip, my daughter was so happily distracted by her new shoes that she didn’t fuss at all. We made conversation about the silly sounds birds make. When we talked about the fun button design, I remembered to pick up some craft supplies, which made my daughter even happier. In the future, I would plan for my daughter to wear the shoes through the summer and fall until she would outgrow them.

To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Photo of the kids' shoes

An up-close photo of the button on the shoes


I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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