I’ve reviewed numerous clothing items fitting with the latest styles.Years ago, I worked in the fashion and media industry, when I spent plenty of time at photo shoots and runway shows. Now, as a parent of two, I’m so lucky for the opportunity to review cool, beautiful styles from the latest kids’ clothing companies, such as Snapper Rock, who specializes in kids’ swim wear. The clothes’ arrival on the perfectly warm day inspired my family to pull out the sprinkler and enjoy the sun.

Photo of kids in the swimsuits

Review of the Kids’ Swimsuits

While examining the swimsuits’ adorable style, I reviewed two different swimsuits that had the same pink and green pattern of fabric. My older daughter Samantha tried out the Tankini Butterfly in a 4T, which had the most adorable racer back top and very modest shorts. Georgiana, my younger daughter, sampled the matching one piece Butterfly Sunsuit. The baby’s bathing suit gave excellent sun coverage with long shorts and short sleeves. Because both swimsuits gave UV50 sun protection, I felt comfortable having my kids out for hours playing in the water.

Photo of kids in the swimsuits

While the weather hit 80 degrees, we had the most amazing, relaxing experience. As a working mom, I’m usually the type to be stressing about work or running around the house for sunglasses and sunscreen before we can relax outside at all. Now, with sun protection swimsuits, I felt that I could be more spontaneous. Splashing in the freezing cold water was the perfect end to a wonderful Saturday. Both of my kids didn’t sunburn whatsoever.

Photo of kids in the swimsuits

Something that has bothered me about other kids’ swimsuits this season was the style and cut. For instance, when I shopped in a department store before my kids’ birthdays, all of the size 4T kids’ swimsuits had low V-necks and were cut too high on the thighs. Now, with the swimsuits I received, I was so happy with the modesty of the clothes. My kids really looked like kids who were ready to play, instead of like miniature adults. The age appropriate style and fun pattern were perfect for my kids. In the future, I can’t wait to get more use out of the swimsuits during the summer.

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Photo of kids in the swimsuits


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