Your best choice for Father’s Day gifts will be items that fit your favorite father’s interests as well as his needs. For the dad who enjoys the outdoors, Chaco Grayson Shoes are a great selection for encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle. This past year, my husband and I moved to a beautiful location near the Harpeth River in Tennessee, where the main attraction to the area was the hiking trails and rivers. In the local kids’ park, there was a children’s rock climbing toy to encourage entire families to be active and adventurous. While discovering the beauty of the local environment, my husband tried out the shoes to see how they lived up to the demands of someone who spends a lot of time outside.
Review of the Father’s Day Gift

Trying out the shoes, my husband was really impressed. For Father’s Day, I had given my husband, Ryan, his choice of any pair of shoes from the company. Initially, I was surprised that Ryan wanted to try hiking boots from a company that specialized in high quality sandals, but I realized that he wasn’t a sandals guy. Boots went better with Ryan’s style. Because Ryan was an artist with an eye for style, I trusted that he knew best about what would look good on him. As he tried out the boots, I wholeheartedly agreed that the item looked great. For the summer weather, he paired the shoes with low cut socks and khaki shorts. Later, in the winter, the shoes would have a nice outdoorsy look paired with khaki pants.

Wearing the shoes, my husband took me on a hike in the local park, which had an excellent hiking trail that led to the river. According to my husband, hiking in the shoes was comfortable as the shoes offered really good support. Regarding the fit of the shoes, the size 13 fit exactly on my husband’s feet. Because typically the size 13 shoe has a little more space, I would say that the fit was a little smaller than usual. When purchasing the shoes, aim for half a size bigger if you like a good amount of space near the toe.

When we reached the river, the shoes functioned great in the low waters. Playing near the waters with my daughter was easy to do with such high quality hiking boots. While skipping rocks, my husband had a blast. Spending time outside together as a family was an excellent side effect of the Father’s Day gift. As we walked back to the park, my husband was relieved that the tongue of the shoes was very effective in keeping out little stones and twigs.

Later, when my husband mowed our yard, the shoes provided excellent practicality. Because the shoes were really sturdy, Ryan didn’t have any problem trekking across the long grass in our yard. I liked that the shoes came up high enough on the ankle to prevent some bugs in the tall grass from getting onto Ryan’s legs. Obviously the shoes worked great for the holiday, as they showed how much my kids and I cared. The shoes were practical for leisure activities as well as for outdoor work. In the future, the shoes will work great for a really long time, as their quality and durability was excellent.

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Father's Day Gift: Chaco Boots

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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