Dressing my daughter in cute outfits and photographing her is a hobby of mine. I’ve never invested much in the right equipment, just a Canon EOS 400D Digital Rebel XTI that I bought used when I lived in Brooklyn. Not having a lot of the accessories that professional child photographers have, I usually make the best of what I already have. When I discovered Sticky Bellies baby stickers, I was excited to use the product as I photographed my little girl. As I recorded my child’s growth, I discovered how useful the baby stickers were.

Baby stickers

Review Of The Baby Stickers

Trying out the baby stickers, I used the product for a month to get the best story. My daughter initially tried the 14 month sticker. I instagrammed the photo for all family and friends to see. Instantly, people liked and commented to show how excited they were about my daughter’s growth. When I was taking the picture, my daughter pulled at the sticker a little bit, so I had a hard time getting a magnificent photo. Being only 14 months old, my daughter didn’t have the patience to pose and smile for the camera. The snapshot I got on my cell phone worked great. Family who lived far away were happy to see the pictures of my little girl.

Baby stickers

Later, I was excited to use the 15 month sticker. My daughter was so proud to wear the item. This time, my daughter was more accustomed to the sticker and didn’t try to take it off of her shirt. My husband had a funny mixed reaction to the product, asking, “Are you really celebrating a birthday for Georgiana each month?” Likely, my husband’s reaction was because his birthday photos from the day before were bumped down on our shared social media account. Personally, I loved having a reason to celebrate each month of growth that my daughter showed. As a busy mom, I often have forgotten to take nice photos for months at a time. While the stickers helped remind me to document my daughter’s growth, I loved comparing the photos to see her development.

Baby stickers

Another product I received was the prenatal stickers. I was drawn to how unique the idea of the product was. When I was pregnant with my first, each week of growth was so monumental to me that I photographed my growing tummy regularly. With my second daughter, I found that I would forget to take pregnancy photos for weeks at a time. The stickers made an excellent gift for an expectant mother who wholeheartedly loved the product. In the future, I plan to continue to use the stickers to help remind me to document amazingly special moments in my life.

To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Baby stickers

Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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