Finding the best trail running shoes was an enigma that led me to test multiple running shoes in a short span of time. As a follow up to my review of the Topo Athletic RT running style shoes, which were minimalist shoes with a split toe, I received the MT trail running shoes. My new pair of shoes didn’t have the split toe as the old pair had. I liked that the new pair kept the minimalist feel without having the unique look of the split toe. While testing the shoes, I ran laps in my backyard, a pinnacle on a hilltop, where the terrain was tumultuous as well as the perfect location to test shoes for trail running.

Review of the Train Running Shoes

I took the shoes for a run in my yard to analyze what the shoes offered. Running in the new style of MT trail running shoes satisfied my need for stability and support without being overly restrictive. I regarded the shoes highly for having a looseness in the toes that made me feel connected to the earth. When I was getting the shoes worn in, I couldn’t tell if the shoes were too loose. After running, I recognized that my ankles, which usually needed major support, never felt weak and never twisted. The shoes’ engineering was very effective for helping me run safely. In running laps, I felt that the loose design helped my feet develop a very natural stance that supported my posture.


Because I ran on a pinnacle, the terrain was uneven. I compared the MT trail running shoes to the RT running shoes. Months ago, when I ran on uneven terrain with the RT style, twigs felt uncomfortable under my feet and sometimes created friction where the toe split. Now, I rated the MT trail running shoes highly for minimalizing the sensation of running on uneven terrain as well as on twigs. Even though I couldn’t feel hard objects that I ran on, the shoes still offered a minimalist style that fostered a feeling of my feet connecting with the earth.

Since I was a busy working mom, I liked that the shoes had neutral coloring. Pairing the shoes with gray corduroy pants and a neutral taupe shirt looked stylish enough to wear to the grocery store and to an upscale shopping mall. The shoes were very practical and went with a lot of my clothes. I appreciated that I could run errands after working out without worrying that I looked out of place. Genuinely, I recommended the shoes for the style, fit and comfort during running as well as for everyday use.

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I received free shoes to help inform my writing.

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