Cooking with kids instills in them a sense of confidence in their abilities. My daughter Samantha is always begging to learn how I make the meals I cook. When I made chicken noodle soup, Samantha was curious about how I cooked the chicken, what I put in the pot and what the word “boil” meant. Obviously not all meals are made for kids to join in and help cook. When following some simple, common sense safety precautions, you can work with your child to make amazing treats.

Kids Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are fun for kids. My daughter loves planning the recipes for the smoothies that she drinks. Samantha will sit down and draw out all of the items that will go in the smoothie to help me. Even though Samantha’s recipes often call for ice cream, sometimes I sneak in something super healthy, such as lettuce, which goes by unnoticed with all of the natural sweetness of fruit.

Recently I tried out the Nutri Ninja blender. The product came with a larger cup size that works great for making a family smoothie. In the past couple weeks, I’ve experimented with different recipes. The large cup size makes enough for my husband and I to split a cup and to make a full cup for our daughter.

My first smoothie was simple: frozen blueberries, plums, a banana and some yogurt. My daughter was excited to help me put the items in the cup. To avoid any accidents, I pushed the cup down to make the product blend the food.

The Nutri Ninja blended everything very smoothly. Later, my next smoothie recipe required 2 bananas, yogurt, a dash of honey, a mix of romaine and arugula, cinnamon covered almonds, chocolate milk and some 2% milk, frozen blueberries. My husband and daughter were impressed with the delicious sweet taste of the smoothie. After I watched my husband and Samantha gulp the smoothie down, I admitted that my secret ingredient was romaine and arugula. Even though the extra ingredient sounded odd, I was thrilled to find a way to get my daughter to eat her veggies, which she normally doesn’t like to do.

Using the Nutri Ninja is awesome because I can use all of the leftover things in my kitchen into a smoothie. In the future, I plan to continue to come up with smoothie recipe ideas with my daughter.

Check out the product on the company’s website.


I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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