Preparing my child for kindergarten has been on my mind lately. As a certified K-6 teacher, I considered my daughter’s preparedness regarding her academics as well as her social skills. Another concern would be what my daughter will wear to kindergarten. Often I review children’s fashions, including clothing and accessories. I was excited to review a Dibsies personalized ladybug backpack, which I evaluated based on its style and practicality.

Review of the Personalized Backpack

My daughter chose the style of her personalized backpack and she was thrilled with how it looked. I liked the youthfulness of the design. Cute ladybugs and vibrant coloring made the item look perfect for a young girl. I envisioned my daughter wearing the item to her first day of kindergarten in a collared white shirt with jeans. The style was preppy and cute.

Personalization made the item special. Because my daughter was still learning how to spell her name, I liked that the item helped her work on name recognition. The coloring and style that the company used for the letters was beautiful. Years back, when I attended a private elementary school, personalized backpacks were a huge trend. Kids liked showing off items that were personal to them, which is why I considered personalized backpacks as a timeless trend.

When I took both of my daughters to a doctor’s appointment, Samantha had a blast filling the backpack with toys to help entertain the baby. While the backpack held several toys, a small blankie and stuffed animals, it also had side pockets for small items. Samantha was very proud to be in charge of carrying her backpack to run errands. When we got in the car, Samantha was eager to hold the backpack in case the baby started crying on the way to the doctor’s office. As a mom, I liked that the product taught my daughter responsibility as shown by her ability to keep track of her toys, while running errands. In the future, I will look forward to my daughter using the personalized backpack for many years.

To learn more, visit the company’s website.

Photo of a girl wearing the backpack.

Dibsies personalized backpack

Photo of a girl wearing the backpack.

Photo of a girl wearing the backpack.

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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