I cannot get enough of BabyLit company’s books. After studying the two items that I received, I’m perusing the website, window shopping for the next book of baby literature that I’m eager to purchase for my kids. All of the books show fantastic illustrations that can captivate and intrigue kids. Ideally, I would fill my children’s bookshelves with all of these books. Each book has one of my childhood favorite stories written with a childlike spin. To review, I received the Alice and Wonderland playset as well as the Pride and Prejudice playset.

Baby Literature Sets Review

Impressed with the packaging of the product, I was delighted to see each item in its hard, box case. With the arrival of Christmas soon, I picture these items at the top of my holiday recommendations as gifts for anyone who loves literature. Any child who loves to read would be fascinated with the design. Even though my daughters are almost five and two, I could see older kids loving the playsets too. Years ago, when I was a young bookworm, I would have enjoyed the playsets as special keepsakes about my favorite, classic stories.

I chose the Alice in Wonderland playset for my older daughter, Samantha, because it was the first novel she listened to me read aloud this past summer. When I read Samantha the story in the summer, I let her watch the movie afterwards as a reward. Now, she has an excellent recollection of the storyline and characters, which helped make the playset a huge hit to her. Inside the box, you can see the whimsical designs of the punchout dolls and props that come with the product.

P1010265Each playset comes with everything you need for kids to completely recreate the story. As a certified K-6 teacher, I liked that the design of the product would help early learners understand literature because preschoolers can benefit from holding props as they read stories. Using a playset helped my daughter better envision the characters’ goals and motives, while she set up our floor like a stage for a play.

With my younger daughter, I received the Pride and Prejudice playset because of her name being a literary reference to the character Georgiana Darcy. For my twenty month old baby, the punchout characters were a little old for her to play with at this time, although they were beautiful. I knew that Georgiana might tear up the characters and play with them too roughly, so I kept them safely in the box as a keepsake for when she gets older. The characters looked very durable, but I decided that she would better be able to make wise decisions about how to play with the dolls next year.  The best part about the playset for Georgiana was that the board book was very age appropriate, so she can grow with the product over the years.

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Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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