Whether you live in a 1000 square foot apartment or a 3000 square foot home, organizing your space is important to you. To me, I always feel more productive and energized when the clutter is gone. I’ve lived in cramped townhomes as well as large older homes, but clutter can appear in any size home. In the past month, I’ve discovered a couple tips that have been a major help.

Organizing Tips: Choose Furniture Wisely

Even when living with a smaller kitchen space, you can buy furniture to extend the space in your kitchen. Recently I wrote a review of a Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack, and I cleared all the clutter off my kitchen counter. All of my small appliances went on the bottom two racks of the baker’s rack. After the clutter was gone from my counter tops, I was able to rearrange the decorative items, such as glass jars. Whitmor also carries microwave carts and small islands that would fit in any size kitchen. While I have plenty of counter space already, having an extra piece of organizing furniture has made a major difference. Visit the Whitmor company website to learn more.

Photo of organizing furniture, the Whitmor Supreme Baker's Rack

Whitmor Supreme Baker’s Rack

Another piece of furniture that I wrote a review of was the Trinity 3-Tier Shelving Rack. Even though the company had some larger storage racks, the small size works best for storing household items. Larger racks would look best in the garage or an outdoor space as a huge metal rack can have more of an industrial look. While the product was pretty short, it worked well to store kids’ items that have cluttered up my living room. I would recommend having a couple small shelving racks, especially if you have kids.

I did receive a question about whether the product came with any tools to tether it to the wall for safety. I’ve been trying to determine whether I could buy a tether to connect the product to the wall, but since I live in a rental, I haven’t figured out yet how easily I could baby proof it. As children can pull down any furniture, I would use discretion when considering how heavy of items to store on it.

The shelving rack would work well in bathrooms to store towels, an office space to store books, or in a kitchen to store food. I’ve had a great experience with the product. Learn more about the Trinity company website.

Photo of organizing furniture, the Trinity 3-Tier Shelving Rack

Trinity 3-Tier Shelving Rack

To make the most out of your space, purchase a couple pieces of organizing furniture. You don’t need a piece of furniture with drawers to store clutter. I’ve found that putting clutter in drawers leaves the drawers disorganized, which means that I never get that rush of energy from seeing my home clean. Organizing shelving racks have clean lines that inspire you to put your items out in an aesthetically appealing way, to keep your home looking beautiful.


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