As a fashion writer, I looked at some of the latest trends for accessories. My discovery was that bold, bright colors and fun patterns are in season. While shopping for back to school items, I came across a new line of lunch bags and boxes from Built NY. Last year, I sampled a durable, bright and spotted lunch bag from the company. Previously, my old product lasted me through a year of teaching with no damage whatsoever. I couldn’t really see a reason to replace my old product with new lunch bags other than to try out a new trend and a new style. As a fashionista and a working mom, I considered the new products’ style as well as their practicality.

Lunch Bags

Review of the Lunch Bags

I tried out two lunch bags and one lunch bag for a couple weeks. The names of the products were the Leopard Hobo Shoulder Lunch Tote as well as the Paisley Spicy Relish Style and the Paisley Bento Lunch Box. I looked for design features that were useful to the average consumer. For me, practical food storage helped simplify my day dramatically. Usually, I spent around half an hour packing my lunch, hoping to create a lunch that offered an elegant experience to help me relax during the work day. Simple food storage for my lunches cut down on my food preparation time, while helping me stay organized.

Regarding the design of the products, I liked that each item offered unique storage solutions. For example, the Bento Lunch Box came with two storage containers that fit perfectly inside the product. In the past, I always had such a struggle to keep up with containers that fit in my lunch box. Usually, when I found a great container, it would end up being slightly too big or too long for my lunch bag. I loved that the product saved me the hassle of searching for the right size container. The cute size and carrying strap made the item perfect for my older daughter Samantha to take to preschool.

Lunch Bags

Another item, the Paisley Spicy Relish Style lunch bag, also impressed me as well as my daughter, who begged to own it. I liked the carrying options that the bag had. Similar to the earlier model that I already owned, the bag had a handle for hand carrying it. As an improvement in the style, the bag had a detachable strap. I changed how I carried the bag depending on how many other items I had to carry. If i wasn’t carrying a lot, I could use the handle. When I had a lot to bring with me, the strap was a convenient option that helped free up my hands for other things.

With a glamorous pattern, the Leopard Hobo Shoulder Lunch Tote had a really neat style and design. Personally, I liked the way the design had a shoulder strap, which was not removable. The design had a professional look that made it look nice enough for me to bring to work. I could also envision some of my younger relatives using the product for their first jobs out of college. I thought the product appealed to various age groups with its younger pattern and more sophisticated design.

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All of the products were incredibly durable. Having previously used products from the company, I know that damaging one of the lunch bags would be really hard to do. The products were made from a tough neoprene material, which people use to make wet suits. Whenever I did get some crumbs or a spill on the products, I simply machine washed them. Washing the products worked well. Luckily, the machine caused no damage. I was happy that the products came out of the wash completely clean and new looking. In the future, I will be excited to continue using my lunch bags and Bento box on a regular basis.

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I received free products to help inform my writing.

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