Athletic lifestyles require the right pair of shoes. Shoe company Topo Athletic has two pairs of men’s outdoor shoes, the MT and the Oterro. While I recently sampled the Oterro style for myself, I also received the MT style for my husband to try. During the review process, I noticed that my husband was excited to wear the shoes regularly. As I watched my husband, I asked for his feedback about the outdoor shoes to help inform my writing. 

Review of the Topo Athletic MT Outdoor Shoes

Something that was excellent about the shoes was the fit. Unlike the men’s Oterro, which fit smaller than expected, the MT style fits true to size. As the shoes were easy to get on, they encouraged my husband to be more athletic in his day to day life. Socks were optional, so a spontaneous walk was simple to do.

Over the fourth of July weekend, my family and I walked laps in the yard to enjoy our time with each other. I could see that the MT shoes were great for the activity. According to my husband, the shoes felt lightweight and were form fitting, which helped him walk swiftly on the uneven terrain in our yard. When my husband played in the yard with the children, he enjoyed himself and had no complaints.

Another time my husband used the shoes was when my family and I took a trek to the nearby river. When my husband had to help the kids down a steep, muddy path to get to the river, he had no problems because the shoes had good traction. As the family skipped rocks and cooled off, I could tell that my husband was enjoying the fit of the shoes.  The shoes got a little wet, but remained comfortable.

Several days later, when we had to take our youngest daughter for her check up at the pediatrician’s office, my husband wore the shoes again. Because the shoes were so easy to get on, they made an excellent choice for running errands. I thought the shoes looked fine for wearing out of the house as well as during outdoor adventures, which made the shoes practical. In the future, my husband will continue wearing the shoes and hopes to try the company’s running shoes too.

Learn more about Topo Athletic at the company’s website. Contact the company via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. 


I received a free item to help inform my writing.


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