Sperry Top-Sider introduces amphibious, outdoor shoes for women with the Chime Slip-on Sneakers. I reviewed the sneakers to see how well they would perform, given my active lifestyle. Previously, I’ve tried out many other styles and brands of outdoor shoes. I have learned that companies manufacture shoes for specific activities to best meet the individual needs people have during different experiences. Quality shoes work best for the function that they claim to serve. Trying out the shoes revealed that their fit as well as comfort were excellent, while the shoes successfully lived up to the claim of being a water and outdoor product for active women.

Review of the Sperry Sneakers

Since the shoes were meant for active people, I tried them out during a walk in the backyard. Over the fourth of July weekend, my family and I walked laps in our half an acre, hilly yard. Walking over the hilly terrain felt fine, as the shoes were supportive. Even though my yard had uneven terrain, the shoes gave me support so I wouldn’t twist my ankle. I have low arches and I was pleased that the shoes had excellent comfort as well as stability.

I walked at least half a mile during my leisurely stroll with my family. When I was walking, I realized that the shoes fit true to size, although they had the appearance of being a little bit bigger. The sneakers didn’t require me to wear them in for them to be comfortable. During my first walk wearing the shoes, I was pleased.

Because our home borders a beautiful, local river, I took my Sperry shoes to the river to see how they would work when submerged in the water. Using the shoes for walking was practical. When I walked on the trail to the river, my feet felt hot as Tennessee’s temperature has been in the 90’s. Putting my feet in the water felt great. I walked in the river to cool off during the holiday weekend. The shoes provided safety so I wouldn’t step on anything harmful, while I maneuvered around on the rocks easily. While considering the sneakers’ performance, I was happy with them.

Walking in the sneakers was enjoyable. Clearly, the shoes offered enough support for walking on uneven terrain and trails. Using the shoes in the water worked well. In the future, I will plan to bring the shoes on many vacations and outdoor adventures. To learn more, visit the Sperry Top-Sider’s website. 

Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

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