As I prepare to run a race, I need some healthy, nutritious food around my home. Because I live in the middle of nowhere, literally 30 minutes away from a decent grocery store, buying organic food is hard to do. When The Feed, a food delivery service for athletes, offered to send me a box of food to try, I was relieved to get to skip some of the hassle of grocery shopping. To make the service better, I actually got a personal nutritional coach to give me advice and to help pick out my box.

Review of the Food Delivery Service

As my nutritional coach was picking out my food, I sent her a list of the products I was most interested in trying. I noticed delicious looking jerky and granola that I was dying to try.

Photo of the food delivery service

The Feed sent my favorite delicious snacks to my door.

When the food arrived, my husband and kids were starving for food. As we prepared to take a family hike, we ate the delicious food. My husband polished off the jerky mix so quickly that I barely tried it, which showed how amazing it was. I mixed the cinnamon flavored Paleo granola mix in with milk for a tasty treat that I gave to my daughter so she could sample it too. Both items were tasty. My family and I ended up eating the cinnamon flavored granola for breakfast during the week.

Photo of the food delivery service

Getting delicious, nutritious snacks and meals from the food delivery service helped fuel my workouts.

When the cinnamon granola was gone, I was pleased to find another little bag of granola. Breakfast for several days was solved because of the convenient box arriving at my doorstep. While the trail mix worked great for a mid-afternoon snack, my daughter enjoyed the banana snacks and the snack bar.

Photo of the food delivery service

I was so fueled up from the food and excited to get a personal note from my nutrition coach. I ran 3 miles as I started training for a race.

My personal coach, Tally, offered some great information about her role at the company. According to Tally, she considers several things when building a box for someone. First, coaches consider the type of exercises that the person is doing as well as the level of intensity. Next, coaches consider where the person lives, as different locations have different heat and weather. Finally, coaches consider any dietary restrictions.

I read in Tally’s email that the company has fueled sailing teams, ironmen, skiers,  first marathons10th marathons, weekend warriors, ascents up Denali, crossfitters, and cross-country bike trips. In the future, as I prepare for the race I’m going to run, I’m going to continue eating the brands of food that the company sent as I was very satisfied with the food I tried.


I received a free product to help inform my writing.


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