Celebrating my baby’s first Easter is very important to me. Because I’ve been trying out some Easter basket items with my kids, I sampled a couple products from the Tiny Love company to see how the toys might work for an Easter basket. For my one year old, I received the Rock N Ball as well as the Follow Me Fiona toy. As a mom and a teacher, I was looking for products that would be educational while being fun for babies.

Review of the Baby Toys

First, I evaluated whether the items might work for an Easter basket. When the items were in their box, they were a little big. After I took the items out of their packaging, each item was small enough to fit in the Easter basket. Colorful toys are very appealing to young children. I know the bright, fun coloring and patterns would have been a welcome surprise to my daughter on Easter because she loved seeing the toys when I let her play with them!

While playing with the toys, my daughter had the best time with the Rock N Ball. When I thought about how the product had 3 months and up on the box, I realized how babies of any age can have fun with a ball product. Even my older daughter enjoyed using the ball with my younger daughter. The product is designed to encourage younger babies to crawl. For my baby, the ball helped her learn some motor skills as she rolled it to other members of her family. When the ball folded up into a tambourine, my daughter shouted with glee.


I knew Follow Me Fiona would go over well in my family as we all love dogs. Similar to the Rock N Ball, the Follow Me Fiona product was meant to encourage younger babies to crawl. My baby wasn’t old enough for some of the more sophisticated robotic dogs on the market, so I knew the baby toy would be most age appropriate for her. When the dog moved around, it encouraged my daughter to walk as well as to crawl and squat to pet the dog. Following Fiona became an incredibly fun family activity as we all engaged in play with the baby. I used the dog as an educational product to teach my daughter how dogs say, “Bark!” and to play peekaboo. In the future, I plan to continue playing with the products and I would recommend including the products in baby’s Easter basket.



I received a free product to help inform my writing.

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