I’ve always been loyal to the Chaco brand. When I was in college, I barely ever took my Chaco sandals off because the shoes were perfect for the outdoor activities I loved to do. Now, as a working mom, I still love to find time for the outdoors and I need shoes that are convenient as well as comfortable. Because I have multiple outdoor hobbies, such as rock climbing, running, hiking, and boating, I was eager to review a brand known for its practicality for outdoorsy people. I tried out the new Reversiflip sandals to see how the product compared to my old pair of sandals from the company. 

Review of the Chaco Sandals

Wearing the sandals, I loved the support they offered my feet. Similar to my old pair of sandals from the company, the new sandals gave great arch support. As I have low arches, good arch support is very important to me when I choose a pair of shoes. I wore the shoes in my yard chasing my daughter for a whole afternoon. My feet felt great! I was glad that the shoes didn’t need any time to wear in as they fit well and caused no blisters or irritation between my toes. The shoes were so easy to slip on when I needed to go get the mail or run a quick errand.


Another interesting feature of the shoes was the way I could switch out different colored and patterned straps. Straps come in a pack of two so I went with the pack that had the bluest straps. With spring arriving, I have been writing about how I plan to spruce up my wardrobe with some vibrant colors. Now, wearing blues and purples help my style fit with the season. Switching the straps was simple and required little effort.

While wearing the sandals, I liked that the product was appropriate for different occasions. I wore the black sandals regularly as they matched anything I was wearing. When I wanted to look more casual and fun, I switched to a patterned strap. The colorful straps looked younger and slightly preppy. I felt that the colorful straps went well with my clothes when I wore blues and purples as well as when I wore neutral blacks and greys. Switching out the straps of sandals is a trend that I can appreciate because the product was practical and stylish. I plan to wear my sandals all summer, especially when I spend some time down at the river.

Buy the shoes at the company’s website. To contact the company, visit Facebook or Twitter.



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