My biggest goal when I’m toy shopping is that my daughters will keep toys in good condition as well as appreciate and love the toys over the years. In the past, I experienced great success using Tiny Love Toys. Two toys that lasted and meant a lot to my kids were the Discover the World Mat and the Follow Me Fiona Toy. I highly recommend both toys. To learn about more of the company’s baby toys, I received the Musical Stack N Ball Elephant to review.

Musical Stack N Ball Elephant Review

Reviewing the toy, I liked several characteristics. Unlike the traditional stacking toy I owned as a kid, the toy’s features included an elephant face, ears, legs and feet. Giving the toy animal characteristics brought it to life. Because my daughters love anything to do with animals, the toy was a huge hit. We enjoyed playing with the toy as an elephant, without even using the ball or stacking features. The toy provided an opportunity to discuss wildlife and to make connections to wildlife movies as well as books that had elephants. We also made a connection to the Discover the World Mat, which showed that elephants lived in Asia.

Musical Stack N Ball Elephant

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Turning the toy sideways, we pretended that the elephant could walk around on its legs. We delighted in giving the toy animal characteristics. With the toy’s elephant head, we made it spray imaginary water in its tusk. Using the toy to study the characteristics of an elephant made the toy educational. As a family, we practiced making elephant sounds.

Musical Stack N Ball Elephant

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While playing, my daughter Georgiana adored stacking the hoops, which helped her development too. As a certified teacher, I focused on increasing my children’s vocabulary as we played. I asked my daughter questions and I waited to see if she would answer. Georgiana and I talked about how some of the larger hoops fit better on the bottom and the smaller hoops fit better on the top. After discussing size, we talked about the shape of the hoops as circles. We discussed the texture and color of each hoop.

Musical Stack N Ball Elephant

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Another entertaining feature was that the toy came with balls that my children could throw into the top. When the balls reached the bottom, the toy made sounds. Regarding child development, the toy was a delightful way to focus on throwing skills. Months ago, when my older daughter reached preschool, I conducted an at home assessment that checked to see how well she could throw a ball. The toy helped both of my daughters work on their motor skills.

Years ago, I enthusiastically bought an elephant ball game for my older daughter. On commercials, the toy looked educational and entertaining. But as my daughter used the toy, the noise horribly annoyed me. With the Tiny Love Musical Stack N Ball Elephant toy, I didn’t experience the same problem. The noise was subtle. There was no loud whirring sound because the balls dropped due to gravity instead of from a motor. When I didn’t want to hear the noise anymore, I used the on-off switch on the bottom of the product.

I would recommend the toy. To my daughters, the toy was stimulating. As the parts were large, the toy was safe and age appropriate. For a smart toy that helps children learn, this was a great pick. Learn more at the company’s website. 

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Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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  1. Theresa (Capri + 3)

    This is an interesting variation on the traditional stacking toy. I love the added feature of the ball ‘drop.’ This would be great for my niece. Thank you for the great review.


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