Warm weather inspires excellent shopping choices, with organizational items being a key priority. As a certified teacher, I appreciate storage items that give books a special place in my home. Reading is important to my family. A few years ago, when I worked on my graduate degree in Elementary Education at Vanderbilt, I learned that making reading appealing to kids can be very valuable in their literacy development. Nice bookcases can instill an appreciation for reading, while giving children the message that reading is a worthwhile activity. This year, stuffed behind the Easter basket full of goodies, my younger daughter Georgiana found a personalized book caddy from StorkGifts.

StorkGifts Book Caddy Review

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One of the best things about the book caddy was its cool design. I chose the Poodle design because I knew that Georgiana loves dogs since she squeals each time she sees one. Being able to personalize the product with her name was a very nice feature. Last year, I personalized a stool with ballet slippers for my older daughter. Choosing designs that appeal to my children and personalizing the items with their names makes each item feel even more special. Plus, personalizing items helps with name recognition.

Another nice feature was that it was easy to assemble. I received the item late on the night before Easter. Since the Easter baskets were already set up and the eggs were already hidden, I figured that the timing was wonderful to get one last Easter gift on the table before morning. Assembly was very simple. Using one screwdriver, I put the book caddy together in only about 30 minutes.

Springtime is the best season for cleaning clutter. With a nice kids’ book caddy, I can show my kids that books are absolutely not clutter. The item serves a dual purpose: cleaning the piles of books off the floor and giving the most special books a place dedicated just to them. So many books have gotten torn over the years from being thrown in toy boxes. With the book caddy, I feel better that the personalized books and high quality children’s literature will last for years.

Using the item in my kids’ bedroom helped inspire a whole new organizational system. Everything needed a place, so we got a couple new kids’ dressers and some fun, pink paper lanterns to add some spring color. With the book caddy, the room looked much nicer. My kids and I enjoyed having another place to keep some books. In the future, since the item will work great for pre-teen magazines, Georgiana will continue to use it in her room.


I received a free item to help inform my writing.

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